Posts are the heart of your LinkedIn life. Just like in any other social media network, you need to communicate in this one as well. Yes, it is a more professional platform, but even professionals need to communicate, right? I mean, that is the only thing that separates humans from the animal realm.

Since we live in an era of information and speed, anyone might make some mistakes while posting, from miss-spelling or grammar mistakes, we might post a wrong picture or video, or share a wrong document. How to edit posts on LinkedIn when this happens? Why should we even write a post?

To edit a post on LinkedIn, go to the post and click on the three dots (...) at the top right corner of the post. From the dropdown menu, select "Edit post." Make the necessary changes to your post and click "Save."

How to Edit Post on LinkedIn?

How to edit posts on LinkedIn?

All right, do you need to edit a post? First of all, all you can edit is the texts and captions. Yeah, it is not possible to edit photos and videos. Even if you need to edit a backlink, you have to delete the post for that because editing the Link doesn’t change the original one.

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  1. If you want to edit a post right after publishing it, you can just click on the ‘…’ in its top right and choose Edit post.
  2. If you’ve published the post for quite a time, you need to find it.
  3. Click on ‘Me’ and select ‘View Profile’
  4. Scroll down to reach the activity section. Your latest post is usually on the top of the list
  5. Click on the post you want to edit and do the job.

Why publish a post on LinkedIn?

How to Edit Post on LinkedIn?

Should we really bother so much? Are we not already too busy? Do you want to get people to notice you? That is the price!

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You will build your network by posting. Yes, that is a way, and to be honest, that is one of the best ways, because when you publish something, it will get to your connections’ feed; if they decide to react to it or post a comment, their connections will notice that and they might also get involved and even decide to connect you, and the exciting part is that this chain can go on and on and you might get to connect to people who are even out of your network. Who knows, it might even attract some recruiters to your direction.

You are, in fact introducing yourself, your likes and dislikes, and so many other angles of your personality to people who are reading or watching your content on LinkedIn, isn’t that the essence of any social platform? You know, to get to know strangers even more?

You are also telling people what you do to keep progressing in your career or anything else. That may seem a simple task but will let the employers know that you are an active and ambitious person.

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Also, if you have this habit of posting content about one industry regularly, you will show people the authority and knowledge you have in one specific topic.

Posts will get you on the route of successful branding. Yes, you have a personal account and business page; it is a must to try marketing your products and/or services on LinkedIn. Why? Well, because why not?

You are in the best place for finding lead generators; why not use its potential and introduce you and your company using good content? And now that you know how to edit posts on LinkedIn, you don’t need to worry about the mistakes you might make. Just publish the good content and see the result!

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