You scratch my back, and I scratch yours. This proverb is so applicable in every situation, whether in real life or in a virtual society. Most LinkedIn experts💡 agree that the best😎 way of receiving endorsements is to endorse your friends and colleagues, there is a very high probability for them to endorse your skills🔧 as a response. So let’s see👀 how to endorse someone on LinkedIn and why this is important🖋️.

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn?

The skills🔧 were always somehow critical 🖋️ for employers, and they still are essential 🖋️. In fact, they are equal to the experiences section, if not more critical 🖋️.

Because they can act as your keywords, they are the features that define if you are the one the employers are looking👀 for.

These keywords are also how they find🔍 you, and with some endorsed skills🔧 in your profile👨‍💼, well, it gets much easier for them to trust your claims.

I mean, there are other ways to do that, but a certificate cannot get you in the search🔍 results, and also, it is much more worthy of having the skills🔧 that people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 whom you worked for or with approved.

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The endorsements give your skill🔧 section credibility and weigh up your profile👨‍💼, for you did not brag about your capabilities; these approvals are coming from other people🧑‍🤝‍🧑.

How to endorse someone on LinkedIn?

Did you decide🤔 to endorse someone on LinkedIn to get some endorsement in return? Log in to your profile👨‍💼 and search🔍 for that connection⛓️ you want to endorse their skills🔧 in the search🔍 box and open their profile👨‍💼.

  1. Scroll down to reach the skill🔧 section
  2. and find🔍 the skill🔧 you want to endorse,
  3. and click🖱️ on the endorsement button.
  4. A notification will go for that connection⛓️ that informs them you’ve endorsed their skill🔧

Whether or not they return the favor is up to them; you did the thing you should have done.

Remember that people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 you want to endorse their skills🔧 must be among your first-degree connections⛓️.

It is recommended to endorse the skills🔧 that they put among the top three. I mean, it is just fine👌 to endorse the other ones too, but the skills🔧 on top s seem to be much more critical 🖋️ for that user.

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It is also essential 🖋️ to optimize your profile👨‍💼 when you decide🤔 to try and attract some endorsements.

Imagine that you have so many endorsements and attract some recruiters to your direction; what is the point of this when you have an incomplete or unqualified profile👨‍💼? It is like❤️ having a ruined hut behind a golden gate.

Also, don’t think🤔 that every person you endorse their skills🔧 will return the favor, strangers usually do not do it, but fortunately, most colleagues and friends do it.

That is why it is strongly suggested to endorse the skills🔧 that your connections⛓️ proved to have while working with you. They will consider your ethical approval and will return this favor willingly.

Also, it is suggested to ask your connections⛓️ for endorsements. Yeah, it is a bit odd, but still is the best😎 way to increase📈 the endorsements density in your profile👨‍💼.

However, it is not a perfect👌 approach to start🏁 spamming and begging for your connections⛓️ endorsements.

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A better strategy is to publish valuable posts and write a CTA at the end of each one. These valuable call-to-action sentences will probably encourage them to review your profile👨‍💼 and endorse some of your skills🔧. Do you see👀?

All you actually need is to know how to endorse someone on LinkedIn correctly. So go for those endorsements; better sooner⏱️ than later⏱️!