For whatever reason, you may have been unaware of your best friend for years. More importantly, you don’t have a cell phone number, and now, given the advances in artificial intelligence and ICT, and with the help of online social tools and some websites, you’d like to get in touch with him or her. Still, you have hit hassles regarding how to find a friend’s cell phone number simply and quickly. In this article, we aim to tell you how to find someone’s phone number efficiently so that you can apply whenever you need to uncover your friend’s contact information without woes. They include cell phone number lookup tools and websites, Google engine, and social media profiles that are set in order of prominence and proficiency.

To find a friend's cell phone number, you can ask them directly or search for their contact information in your phone's address book or messaging history. If you don't have their number saved, you can try reaching out to them through social media or other online platforms to request their phone number.

Now, let’s go through telephone number-hunting services!

How to find someone’s phone number utilizing cell phone number lookup services?

Phone number detection implements bring forth the best and fastest solution for finding a friend’s cell phone number.

There are many of these tools on the digital market, but some are much more perfect than others. Here, we’ve ordered the best ones by efficiency.

1. CUFinder

CUFinder is the best, easiest, and fastest phone number finder tool in the digital world that looks for individuals’ and businesses’ phone numbers by their name from various databases worldwide. Meanwhile, its odds are boundless, so there’s a fat chance that you can’t stumble on whatever you quest.

Simple to use and highly rapidity access

The use of the CUFinder number locator is as easy as pie. It lets you hunt for a person’s contact number with consummate effortlessness and veracity, as well as without any technical knowledge. Moreover, the rapidity of access to the search results is extraordinarily high, and you can simply get any contact data in seconds.

Free of charge service and competitive prices

If you are on a tight budget, CUFinder is one of the most affordable services to reap cell phone numbers at no charge as well. With the free lookup plan of CUFinder, you can promptly utilize 15 free searches.

How to Find a Friend’s Cell Phone Number?

What does it provide?

Here are the top perks of using the CUFinder phone finder, as follows:

  • Bulk search possibility
  • API discovery response
  • The most massive company and personal database
  • Reverse contact number lookup service
  • Over 98% data accuracy rate and high quality
  • Full access to individuals’ and businesses’ contact details all around the world
  • Prospecting any potential and fresh lead generation for B2B companies
  • 24/7 customer support feasibility

How does it work?

To explore your friend’s cell phone number on CUF, all you need to carry out is to follow the quick and simple steps:

  1. Enter the full name of your friend to start your hunting on the CUF phone number detector page
  2. Click on search to grab a phone number
  3. Select the correct phone number from the list of numbers based on the location

With CUFinder, you yield the most truthful and best search results from 130 million persons and businesses’ contact information.

2. Info Tracker

To discover people’s complete public information, including contact details, social media profiles, names, addresses, emails, or even photos and videos, Info Tracker is a great way that assists you in uncovering hidden information regarding anyone with just a few clicks.

However, this service gives a comprehensive report concerning individuals’ and companies’ details, you can’t acquire reliable and up-to-date phone numbers, as well as in bulk, according to some informed people, Another drawback of this tool is that it allows users to search for contact data in the United States.

Info Tracker phone number finder

What does it provide?

  • Free to use
  • Reverse phone number search
  • Personal and business contact numbers quest
  • Digging up people’s contact details based on their photos

How does it work?

To reach your targeted contact number,

  1. First, you should input a person’s first name and last name in the search box.
  2. Then, you must opt for the person’s state or city.
  3. Finally, Info Tracker locates and demonstrates phone numbers.

3. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is a free search website that detects the contact information of people, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, and ages. With this tool, the ability to talk directly to the person you are looking for is brought forth.

Although it’s straightforward to use, it only offers its hunting services in the United States. Furthermore, you don’t guarantee that every phone number you receive will be validated.


What does it provide?

  • Looking up private and professional phone numbers
  • Reverse cell phone number search
  • Phone number discovery for free

How does it work?

To gain anyone’s phone number by ZabaSearch, you have to

  1. Enter the name and location of your prospect.
  2. Thus, it will instantly indicate to you the available phone numbers.

How to find someone’s phone number using the Google search engine?

You can use the Google search engine if you fail to find phone numbers via number lookup services. The Google engine is a good choice for you to fetch businesses’ contact information.

Though Google is not a service for combing through people’s information, owing to a large number of individuals using their Google accounts, consequently Google’s database is reliable and legitimate for you to catch a great deal of people’s information.

How to find someone’s phone number using the Google search engine?

What does it provide?

  • Lookup possibility of professionals’ and businesses’ phone numbers
  • Free of charge lookup feasibility

How does it work?

  1. Straightforwardly head to Google and type in the name of the person or business, along with any other data that might be fruitful,
  2. And go through the search results to see whether the correct phone number has been listed on the web or not.

How to find someone’s phone number by checking social media profiles?


If you are interested in accessing someone’s contact information online based on various parameters in a matter of minutes, one option is to check the person’s social media profile. Given that, by default, all contact details are visible and available on their Facebook profiles, so you can do it manually. If the person you seek is one of the hundreds of millions of active Facebook users, hunting for contact information like name, email, phone number, a country so forth will be as simple as that.

Unlike CUFinder, according to some websites, there is no chance to scour for phone numbers in bulk on Facebook like any other phone number locator tools have sifted through in this article.

Facebook login page

What does it provide?

  • Reverse telephone number lookup possibility
  • Business and personal telephone number quest
  • Free of charge
  • The up-to-date information feasibility

How does it work?

To find out the cell phone numbers, you need to:

  1. Take a look at Facebook profiles of people
  2. Click on the About page
  3. Go through the contact and basic info section

Related Questions & Answers

How to find someone’s new cell phone number for free

Finding someone’s new cell phone number for free can be quite challenging, as personal contact information is generally not publicly available. However, here are a few methods you can try:

  1. Social Media Platforms: Start by searching for the person on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. People often update their contact information on these platforms, including their phone numbers. Look for any public posts or profiles that may contain their new phone number, or you can send them a direct message asking for their updated contact information.
  2. Online Directories and Public Records: Some online directories and public records may have limited information available for free. You can try searching through these platforms to see if the person’s new phone number is listed. However, keep in mind that the information might be outdated or incomplete, and there’s no guarantee of finding the accurate contact details.

It’s important to respect people’s privacy and their decision to share their contact information. If the person has not made their new cell phone number publicly available or shared it with you directly, it’s best to consider alternative ways of contacting them or respect their privacy if they choose not to share their number.

Find mobile number by name of person

Finding a mobile number by the name of a person can be a challenging task, as mobile numbers are generally considered private information. However, here are a few suggestions you can try:

  1. Social Media Platforms: Start by searching for the person on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Many people include their contact information, including mobile numbers, on their profiles. Check their profile details or contact information sections to see if their mobile number is listed.
  2. Online Directories and Search Engines: Use online directories or search engines to search for the person’s name along with other relevant details such as their location or any additional information you may have. There are some online directories that aggregate public information, including phone numbers, but the accuracy and availability of such information may vary.

Remember to respect people’s privacy and consider whether it is appropriate to search for someone’s mobile number. It’s important to obtain consent from the person or use proper channels to request their contact information when needed.


Today, with the advent of some online search tools in the digital world, discovering the contact information of individuals and companies has become a piece of cake and quick as thought.

That said, CUFinder is an online lookup tool and actually a communication bridge that brings you closer to a person you want and comes up with advanced search capabilities to find the contact information of people and businesses.

Now that you have learned how to find a friend’s cell phone number by dint of the best solution, i.e., CUFinder, why not give it a try to make the most out of its incredible perks and features?

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