Are you a junior entrepreneur? Need some advice, feedback, and help? That is where a mentor can help you a lot. You see, a mentor has experienced what you are going through right now, years ago. They are a guide for you in this way to avoid dangers and traps since they have already advanced on the same road.

They are some very respected and generous leaders who are willing to share their time and knowledge, only for the sake of satisfaction of helping some inspiring younger ones. So you may wonder how to find a mentor on LinkedIn and how to contact them. There are many ways to do that, and we will share some of them with you.

How to find a mentor on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a perfect social media platform that is focused on business. There are 830 million users in it right now, and it is the best place for you to find a mentor for yourself if just started your own business. I mean, sometimes all we need to dive into success is a little push, confidence, advice, etc.

How to Find a Mentor on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is like a mentor shop; all you need is to find the right one, and believe me when I say you will find the one that fits much easier here. Just take a look at the industry groups, use LinkedIn search tools, and at the connections of your most related contacts to find so many potential mentors.

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Now, although they are easy to find, they are not that easy to contact and get convinced to mentor you. These people are brilliant and usually so picky, so it is suggested to optimize your profile as much as possible.

Search and read everything possible about the people you chose. Their opinions, insights, works, life, posts, and updates, and the things they might have published to see if their thoughts match your career path. The more you know, the easier it becomes to contact them.

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When you are sending an invitation, do not suffice for a brief prepared and generic request. Take your time and customize a note that appreciates their insights (do not overdo it).

Define your path and how you think they can help you. Show your gratitude for their time and consideration in advance. Give them reasonable time to think and don’t act like a stalker.

If everything went smoothly, it is time to talk about their available time, the connection ways, etc. it is suggested to also ask them one or two questions and let them prepare for the sessions. The setting is ready; now you need to show your mentor that you are appreciating and using their pieces of advice in real life.

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To have some fruitful sessions, you can always suggest face-to-face meetings, or if they are in a different city or country, a phone meeting can do the trick, but messaging, not so much! You know how different it is to hear the voice and see someone’s face than just looking at the keyboard and typing a message, right?

Just started your own company and feel like you’ve hit a brick wall? Do you think you need advice from someone who is already on this same road and could advance? You just need to know how to find a mentor on LinkedIn. Well, we just answered you through this blog! Now it is time to find some perfect mentors for yourself.

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