As LinkedIn is the largest online communication network for uncovering leads and prospects in the world of digital marketing, as well as given that millions of individuals have accounts on LinkedIn, this question may come to your mind: how to find an email address from LinkedIn profile?

No concern! The capable and knowledgeable CUFinder team will definitely answer this question.

How to Find Email Address from LinkedIn Profile?

The CUFinder

Offering very simple and user-friendly services for all professionals and beginners, 98% accurate results, high data rate, and free services such as email verification tools have assisted CUFinder in being prominent among thousands of lead generation teams in the digital marketing world.

Moreover, owing to the contact details of over 250 million companies in 427 various industries throughout the world have been recorded in the CUFinder database, you can profit from the most comprehensive and largest data source in the world and extract the contact information of any person or country you like such as emails, LinkedIn profiles, etc.

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The best LinkedIn email finder in digital marketing

CUFinder LinkedIn email finder is a valuable and chief service in instantly prospecting the emails of individuals and companies’ employees from their LinkedIn profiles.

Providing the easiest, fastest, and best LinkedIn email extraction tool in the world, CUFinder enables its users to catch all profits via its latest LinkedIn email extractor.

How to Find Email Address from LinkedIn Profile?

Main benefits of using CUFinder LinkedIn email extractor

  • 👉 98% of the extracted emails are valid, reliable, and real
  • 👉 Your email bounce rate is improved by verifying email addresses
  • 👉 The accuracy and quality of the CUFinder LinkedIn email extraction tool are very high
  • 👉 Provided prices of CUFinder are competitive, as well as credit free trial is available
  • 👉 Email address extraction is done in bulk
  • 👉 Access speed to data is incredibly high
  • 👉 Utilizing CUFinder email finder is quite easy
  • 👉 The process of verifying email addresses is completely free
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How to find an email address from a LinkedIn profile by CUFinder?

Uncovering someone’s email address from a LinkedIn profile on CUFinder can be done in two simple and quick ways only by a few clicks as follow:

Extracting emails from LinkedIn profiles of individuals and companies via CUFinder LinkedIn email finder

  • In the first step, you need to select a country and an industry.
  • Then, the CUFinder email finder indicates all active employees’ LinkedIn profiles in that country and industry. For example, if you want to find the email addresses of individuals in the Indian medical industry, you must choose India and industry of medical, the list of all employees and persons who are active in Indian medical companies is instantaneously exhibited and available.
  • In the last step, you can choose as many individuals as you want from the provided box.
  • Then their emails will be extracted for you at once.
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Finding email addresses via CUFinder Google Chrome extension

In another way, by using the Google Chrome extension service of CUFinder, you enter the LinkedIn website and go to the individuals’ or employees’ LinkedIn pages. Only with one click do you obtain their emails.

In this step, all delivered email addresses are endorsed and checked.

It’s worth mentioning there is no difference between the two ways concerning accuracy rate and speed.

By testing both these methods immediately, you no longer concern yourself with how to find email addresses from your LinkedIn Profile.

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