LinkedIn has over 800 million members– both individuals and companies. While millions of people have accounts on LinkedIn and are active there, isn’t it a good situation to extract their contacts from their LinkedIn accounts?

How to Find Email Address on LinkedIn?

These contacts can be the websites of companies or telephone numbers and emails of people. It depends on your decision and your requirements.

How to find an email address on LinkedIn? Using automatic tools like LinkedIn email finder (email extractors) is a better solution than a manual search.

One of the new-generated tools of CUFinder is a premium quality LinkedIn email finder through which finding the emails of the people that have accounts on LinkedIn is so uncomplicated enabling any person in any part of the world to collect the emails of professionals and connect with them at speed.

How to find an email address on LinkedIn by CUFinder?

The process is so trouble-free.

  • The user just needs to choose an industry and one country.
  • CUFinder finds the LinkedIn accounts of all active people in the selected sector and country.
  • In the last step, CUFinder shows the emails of these peoples’ accounts based on the LinkedIn accounts that the user selects.

It means that the user himself/herself should choose the LinkedIn accounts of the people that he or likes to have their emails.

For example, imagine you like to have and collect the emails of business people that are active in trading companies in the USA 🇺🇸 and have pages on LinkedIn.

CUFinder does it for you in a minute! Select USA and trading industry from CUFinder offered lists. Two lists of countries and 427 industries are demonstrated to you.

Then the LinkedIn accounts of all the people that are working in trading companies in the USA are shown to you.

You must click on any of these names (one or more), and CUFinder converts these names to their emails quickly!

In another example, the user has chosen Japan 🇯🇵 as the country and electrical industry from the lists.

CUFinder demonstrates the accounts of all members of electrical companies in Japan that have pages on LinkedIn.

The user chooses as many of these accounts (names) as he/she wants, and CUFinder converts these LinkedIn accounts to their emails.

CUFinder Google Chrome Extension

CUFinder has provided a Google Chrome Extension that can extract the emails of any person that has a LinkedIn account. This process is also fast and provides reliable data in seconds.

  • It helps you to improve email open rate and bounce rate ✅
  • All gathered emails are valid as they are checked and verified in 3 steps ✅
  • Bulk email extraction is also available in the CUFinder LinkedIn email finder ✅
  • Offered prices are competitive and free credits are also available for newcomers ✅

Related Questions & Answers

Best LinkedIn email finder

When it comes to finding email addresses on LinkedIn, there are several popular email finder tools that can be helpful. While each tool has its own strengths and limitations, one of the best LinkedIn email finders is Hunter.

Hunter (formerly known as Email Hunter) is a widely-used email finder tool that offers a reliable and user-friendly experience. With Hunter, you can search for email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles by simply entering the person’s name and their company domain. The tool scans LinkedIn profiles and various online sources to provide you with email addresses that are publicly available.

Hunter also offers additional features like verifying the deliverability of email addresses and providing a confidence score to indicate the reliability of the found email addresses. While Hunter has both free and paid plans, the free plan allows a limited number of searches per month, making it a valuable option for occasional use.

However, it’s worth noting that there are other LinkedIn email finder tools available, and the best tool for you may depend on your specific needs and preferences. It’s recommended to explore different options and choose the one that aligns with your requirements and budget.

LinkedIn email address format

LinkedIn email addresses generally follow a specific format. Here’s a simple explanation of the LinkedIn email address format:

LinkedIn email addresses typically consist of the person’s first name, last name, and sometimes a numerical identifier. The email address format is usually as follows: [first name].[last name] For example, if the person’s name is John Doe, their LinkedIn email address would be

In some cases, when multiple users have the same name, LinkedIn may add a numerical identifier to make the email address unique. For instance, if there are multiple John Does on LinkedIn, the email address for one of them might be The numerical identifier is added to ensure that each user has a unique email address.

It’s important to note that LinkedIn email addresses are primarily used for internal communication within the LinkedIn platform and are not accessible to users outside of LinkedIn’s network. Therefore, if you’re trying to reach someone on LinkedIn, it’s recommended to use LinkedIn’s messaging system rather than relying on their email address.

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