Previously email marketers used the old and outdated methods of marketing. For instance, when they needed to find the email addresses of companies, they searched the names of companies on Google or other search engines like Yahoo.

How to Find Email Addresses from LinkedIn?

This process was so frustrating and complicated. Today marketers use email finders which find the emails of companies based on their names in bulk. 🙃

They even can verify email addresses. It means that you upload the excel file of companies’ names and it gives you all their emails- checked and verified. 👌

CUF also provided a meticulous and professional email finder and email checker.

But how to find email addresses from LinkedIn social media that have millions of active business accounts?

CUF also has generated a LinkedIn email finder through which the emails of companies’ employees are extracted from their LinkedIn accounts.

This is a rigorous database of companies’ and employees’ LinkedIn profiles and emails.

The best LinkedIn email finder on the market!

CUF LinkedIn email finder has solved the concern of the marketers whose minds are busy with “how to find email addresses from LinkedIn?

It is a well-created, attested, and genuine tool as:

  • It checks the accuracy and existence  of all emails axiomatically- it’s not foolproof ✅
  • It finds the emails of a mass of employees straight away ✅
  • It is  easily operated- good for newcomers ✅
  • It runs expeditiously and works on schedule and in real time ✅

How to find email addresses from LinkedIn by CUF?

If you are encouraged to quit the old method of extracting emails from LinkedIn manually, this is the time that you read the rest of this article to see how CUF does it for you faster and more trustworthy.

  • You can go to your dashboard in CUF and then in part of the LinkedIn email finder, choose one industry and country from the displayed list.
  • The list of countries contains all countries of the world and the list of industries also contains 427 companies’ industries.
  • In the next part, CUF finds the LinkedIn accounts of all people that work in the selected companies’ industries and in the selected country.
  • Then you need to choose as many of these profiles as you decide and CUF shows their emails rapidly.

In fact, it extracts their emails from their LinkedIn accounts.

Secondly, you can use the Chrome Extension of CUF as the LinkedIn email finder.

You must go to your desired LinkedIn account and then by one simple click, it shows all the recorded emails of that person.

Never miss opportunities!

The LinkedIn email finder of CUF has free credits for every newcomer to test the quality of this wonderful tool and see the speed and data accuracy.

Over 98% of the data gathered by CUF is faultless and explicit- free of mistakes and errors.

The impeccable services of CUF along with customer oriented view of its managers have helped CUF to remain a top digital marketing service in the world.

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