Freelancing is the new trend of working now. A study in 2019 showed that one-third of the American workforce is working as freelancers, and they got more and more during the Covid-19 pandemic and the massive global economic recession. Guess what? Many more people tend to work with freelancers as well.

I mean, there are a whole lot of benefits for that, which we will talk about, but before that, I believe it is more critical to know how to find freelancers on LinkedIn, right? I mean, what is the point of knowing the benefits when you cannot find even one of them?

How to Find Freelancers on LinkedIn?

How to find freelancers on LinkedIn?

There are a whole lot of different ways to find a freelancer on LinkedIn, but the easiest one is to use the search bar, and it’s for free!

You won’t need a recruiter, business, sales navigators, or even a premium account. Just log in to your standard account and search the word “freelancer” in the search box at the top left corner of your home page.

Many search options appear, but tap on the enter key and see many categories like jobs, companies, people, posts, groups, events, courses, services, etc.

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When you select one of them, you see some other filters; since we are looking for individuals here, we select the category of people.

You will see some other filters like connection, location, current company, etc. you can use them to narrow down the options and then select some of the best ones and message or connect them.

To specify the freelancer you are to find, you can add a field of work to the initial word, for instance, “freelance designer” or “freelance copywriter”, etc. select the best one of them and message them.

Inform them that you like to work with them on some projects and tell them what the projects are about. Most freelancers ask for one-on-one or video meetings to get to the bottom of your request and see what you actually want from them.

Don’t forget to ask for a demo and their portfolio; it is essential , even if someone introduced them. These are cautions since you have no idea if you like their work anyways.

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Working with freelancers: Advantages and disadvantages

How to Find Freelancers on LinkedIn?

There are so many advantages to working with freelancers that encourage a lot of people to ignore its few disadvantages.

For instance, it is hard to find a full-time employee who is an expert in some specific field to do a project; it is better to find a freelancer, you can stop working with them if you feel they are not as good as they should be, but in the case of an employee, that is a no-no!

You also can cut the expense by working with a freelancer; there is no need for an office🏢, educating the employees, insurance, etc. also, freelancers work much more efficient, a study in the UK shows that full-time employees’ productive work time is less than three hours per work day.

They get paid for the non-productive hours, which is usually not the case for freelancers.

Freelancer needs to keep his/her clients, which is why they try to provide you with the best thing they can do.

Also, you can ask a freelancer for their portfolio and ask their previous clients if they are good enough for your project. There are still many other advantages we can talk about, but what about the disadvantages?

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There are some disadvantages along with all the advantages. For example, many freelancers try to handle multiple projects at the same time, and sometimes the result is time chaos and late delivery.

The other downside is that a freelancer (especially in the IT industry) has access to some precious information, a company’s website, etc., that endangers data safety.

Also, since there is no supervision on how a freelancer works, the employer might spend excessive money if their contract is paid per hour type. And the last one is the payment limitations. You see, not all freelancers around the world can be paid from another country.

It is up to you to decide if you are willing to accept these disadvantages in exchange for what you will gain after knowing how to find freelancers on LinkedIn.

If you are willing to accept these things, you know how to find freelancers on LinkedIn now, so go on and find your best option.

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