LinkedIn is a perfect network to promote your brand and expand your relationship. This business-oriented platform is the perfect place to find lead generators and prospects; also, it is a very good place to connect to some great users who might be your next employer, employee, partner, mentor, etc. as you can see connections are the main pillar of LinkedIn, which people sometimes don’t care that much for them. There can be a pile of pending requests in your account contact section that you never noticed, which is why people might ask how to find pending connections on LinkedIn? All you need to do is to take a look at ‘My Network’.

How to Find Pending Connections on LinkedIn?

Have you ever sent an invitation to the wrong person by accident or received invitations you preferred not to answer for now and simply forgot about them? In fact, they are straightforward to forget about, considering the tons of notifications you might receive in a day, especially if you have a vast network of connections.

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These pending connections can be there for a long time, while maybe the one who sent you that request is holding some vast opportunities.

The problem is that when you have too many pending requests and invitations, LinkedIn might define you as a spammer and ban you or limit your reach.

This will affect your connecting strategies, but the more crucial thing is that LinkedIn might stop showing your content to your connections.

That is why the experts suggest clearing your pending connections after 2 to 3 days, for the user either is not going to accept your request or simply is not active on the platform.

Either way, there is no point in keeping these sent invitations. It is the same for the invitations you received. It is better to eliminate them if you have had them for a while now.

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If you do not accept them after a week, just ignore them; you are not obligated to accept anything!

How to find pending connections on LinkedIn?

It is essential to expand your connections on LinkedIn, but what is the point of having 30,000 connections that just happened to be in your network?

This combination needs quality after certain connections, not quantity. That is why it is only wise to get picky and not to accept every request or withdraw some old invitations. So let’s see how to find pending connections on LinkedIn.

How to Find Pending Connections on LinkedIn?

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the ‘My Network’ icon at the top of your home page
  3. Click on ‘Manage’ in front of the pending invitations
  4. Click to accept or ignore in front of the received requests
  5. Click ‘Withdraw’ in front of the sent invitation (the older ones should go first)
  6. Note that when you want to withdraw a request, a pop-up message will appear to inform you that “If you withdraw now, you won’t be able to resend to this person for up to 3 weeks.”
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Connections are the main reason for the very existence of any social platform. This is what separates us from animals.

We connect to each other and simply cannot live without them! But is everyone worth connecting with? Being a little pickier will benefit you (it is about everyone).

So whether you are the sender or receiver, it is just fine to know how to find pending connections on LinkedIn to manage them. As you know, LinkedIn might ban you if you have a whole lot of pending requests. You don’t want that, right?

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