Is it possible to find someone’s birthday on LinkedIn? Modern life doesn’t let us build intimacy with other people, especially those not in the circle of our family or friends.

Still, it’s sometimes necessary to know someone’s birthday for the sake of your professional or private life.

Who doesn’t like a nice happy birthday message?

giphy How to Find Someone's Birthday on LinkedIn?

Thankfully nowadays, it’s easy to find something like a birth date. Usually, people put their birth date on their social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. 

What if the person in our mind did not put his/her birth date on these accounts? Can we find someone’s birthday on LinkedIn?

You can find someone's birthday on LinkedIn by going to her/his profile and clicking on contact info.

Why should I use LinkedIn to find someone’s birthday?

LinkedIn is the largest network in which people introduce their professional life and skills.

It is one of the best ways to find the most suitable job for yourself, find what skills you need to improve your career and resume, and find the most suitable candidates if you are hiring!

You can use it to know different people and improve your connections so fast to advance your private and professional life.

One of the ways you can get people to notice you is to send them Happy Birthday messages.

How to Find Someone's Birthday on LinkedIn?

It doesn’t matter if it is a friend’s birthday, your co-worker, or a business potential partner; LinkedIn is here to help you find their birthday date.

We suggest LinkedIn because it is a database that is full of people’s professional life information in different careers.

But before we go for the steps, you must know that some people may instead not put their birth date in their LinkedIn profile, or they might simply hide it.

Steps to find someone’s birthday on LinkedIn

As we said, LinkedIn has allowed users to find other users’ birthday dates. And it is easy to do that.

How to Find Someones Birthday on LinkedIn?
  • Search the user’s name in the box in the left corner.
  • You can see their account now. If so many people have the same name, you can find that person by searching for the name of the company they work in.
  • Find the “contact info” under the user’s name.
How to Find Someones Birthday on LinkedIn?
  • Click on it. You can see their birthday date in the opened box
How to Find Someones Birthday on LinkedIn?

As mentioned, some people may choose not to put that kind of information in their profile. In that case, you better find another way.

Maybe on a Facebook account, because people usually love everyone to know their birthday on Facebook!

Find email on LinkedIn, Find someone's email on LinkedIn


Finding someone’s birthday on LinkedIn may not seem such a big deal for some people, but it effectively improves your business or real-life connections.

Especially when the ones you choose to congratulate their birthdays are your clients, coworkers, superiors, or your employer.

We listed the steps on how to find someone’s birthday on LinkedIn for you in this article.

Now it is up to you to choose if you like to know someone’s birthday on LinkedIn or if you like to use older ways; maybe you even prefer to ask them directly!

Related Questions & Answers

LinkedIn birthday notifications

LinkedIn sends birthday notifications to your connections on the day of their birthday. If you want to turn off or adjust the notifications you receive for birthdays on LinkedIn, you can go to the “Me” icon in the top right corner of the homepage, select “Settings & Privacy,” then select “Communications” and “Birthday notifications.” From there, you can adjust your settings as desired. Keep in mind that turning off birthday notifications will also prevent your connections from receiving a notification about your own birthday.

How to turn on birthday notifications on LinkedIn?

To turn on birthday notifications on LinkedIn, first click on the “Me” icon on the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage. Next, select “Settings & Privacy” from the dropdown menu. From there, click on “Communications” and then “Notifications” and scroll down to the “Birthday Reminders” section. Toggle the switch to the “On” position and select the number of days in advance you would like to receive notifications for. Finally, click on “Save changes” to activate your birthday notifications.

LinkedIn is not showing birthday notifications

If LinkedIn is not showing birthday notifications, there are a few possible reasons. First, make sure that your notification settings are properly configured and that you have selected to receive birthday notifications. Second, ensure that the contact whose birthday you are trying to view has their birthday listed on their profile. If the birthday is not listed, you will not receive a notification. Additionally, there may be technical issues on LinkedIn’s end that are preventing the notifications from showing up. In this case, try clearing your browser cache and cookies or logging out and logging back in to see if the notifications appear.

How to add birthday on LinkedIn?

To add your birthday on LinkedIn, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account and go to your profile page.
  2. Click on the “Add profile section” button and select “Intro”.
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to the “Date of birth” section.
  4. Enter your birth date and select whether you want to display the year or not.
  5. Click “Save” to add your birthday to your LinkedIn profile.

Once you’ve added your birthday, your connections will receive a notification on their LinkedIn home page on the day of your birthday, unless you have turned off birthday notifications in your settings.

Should you put birthday on LinkedIn?

It is not necessary to put your birthday on LinkedIn, as it is not a required field. However, some people may choose to include their birthday as a way to connect with others or to be more transparent about their personal information.

It is important to note that including your birthday on LinkedIn could potentially lead to age discrimination or identity theft. Therefore, it is ultimately up to personal preference whether or not to include your birthday on your LinkedIn profile.


How to find someone’s birthday?

Finding someone’s birthday can be done through various means. Firstly, check their social media profiles, especially Facebook, where many people share their birthdates. Additionally, you can search for public records or online databases, like Whitepages or Spokeo, which might contain birthday information. Another approach is to ask mutual friends or acquaintances who may know the person’s birthday. However, it’s crucial to respect privacy and ensure you are obtaining this information for legitimate purposes. Always prioritize ethical and legal considerations when trying to find someone’s personal information.

Where do I find birthday notifications on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn provides birthday notifications for your connections, making it easy to acknowledge their special day. To find these notifications, log in to your LinkedIn account and navigate to the homepage or your “My Network” section. Scroll down, and you’ll see a section titled “Connections with Birthdays” on the right-hand side of the page. Here, LinkedIn will display a list of your connections who have birthdays on that day. You can click on each connection’s name to visit their profile and send them birthday wishes or engage with their content. This feature is a thoughtful way to maintain professional relationships and network effectively on the platform.

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