How to find someone’s email ID? You must have had this experience of sending a message to role-based emails so many times, for you did not have their personal email address. We all know that such email addresses are practically non-interactive, and sending messages to them wastes time and resources. non-responsive email addresses can be very annoying, especially in email campaigns.

Finding someone's email ID quickly involves a few methods. Start by checking their LinkedIn profile, personal website, or social media bios as they might share contact information there. Use email lookup tools or search engines by entering the person's name along with keywords like "email" or "contact." If you have mutual connections, you can also ask them for the person's email. Remember to respect privacy and avoid using acquired emails for spamming or inappropriate purposes. While these methods can help, finding email IDs is not guaranteed due to privacy settings and individual preferences.

We all know that one of the conditions for the success of email marketing is that the target audience has a high level of interaction. When you send an email to an email address like, because you have that person’s name but not their personal email address, you cannot expect a high interaction from that very email address.

how to find someone's email id

Of course, there are different ways to find people’s email addresses, such as looking up their email addresses on LinkedIn or getting them with Sales Navigator. But I suggest better methods in this blog. So make sure to read this blog to the end.

How to Find Someone’s Email Id for Free?

These days, in the era of digital competition, it has become much easier to find contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, etc. Since finding an email ID in email marketing is vital, I want to tell you ten ways to how to find a free email ID for free.

1. Use the email search tool:

Using an email lookup service is one of the easiest ways to find people’s email addresses. This service allows you to search for an email address by entering the person’s name and/or website. The tool then scans its database and provides you with relevant email addresses associated with the person.

Of course, there are many email-finding tools, some of which are free to use. However, I personally do not recommend using them. Why? Because the data you receive is often wrong, old, or even spam emails are not detected.

For this reason, spending a little money to subscribe for a paid search service such as CUFinder is suggested. This website gives you 15 free monthly credits and has many different plans you can choose according to your conditions.

How to Find Someone's Email Id for Free?

2. Use alternative search engines:

Using alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo can be a great way to discover email addresses associated with a specific domain. You can discover publicly available email addresses associated with that domain by running an exact match search using “” on DuckDuckGo. This method is inefficient in Google because it interprets “@” as a social media tag.

3. Explore Twitter:

People often include their email addresses in their tweets or Twitter bios, mostly disguised, to hide them from bots. You can use Twitter’s advanced search feature to find tweets where people may have mentioned their email addresses.

Plus, you can directly ask people for your email address on Twitter or contact them via Direct Messages (DM). Create a concise and compelling message to increase the likelihood of receiving a response.

4. Subscribe to email lists:

Many websites and even LinkedIn pages have newsletters that users can subscribe to. If your prospect has a newsletter, you can join it and get their personal email this way. Often, newsletters are sent from a personal email address, allowing you to connect and get their personal contact information.

5. Use contact forms and about us pages:

Most websites provide contact forms or display public email addresses (such as for general inquiries. While administrative staff likely monitor these channels, you can use them to inquire about how to communicate with your particular customer. It’s worth exploring the Contacts, About Us, or Team pages on websites, as personal email addresses may be listed there.

6. Check out author pages and blog posts:

If your prospect is an author or has a blog, their page or articles they’ve written can be valuable sources of email ID and other contact information. Author pages often contain detailed information about the author, including their email address. You can find information about their contact details by exploring the byline of articles they have published.

7. Google:

Google is a powerful tool for finding contact information. Search using your prospect’s name and keywords like “email address” or “contact”.

For example, search for “[Name] + email” or “[Name] + LinkedIn” to refine your search. You can refine your results by including additional information about your prospect, such as their company or location. Use commands like “site: + [name] + email” to search for email addresses on a specific website.

Check out author pages and blog posts

8. Check your email marketing software:

If you have an email list or database of contacts, look into your email marketing software. You can find customer emails on popular websites like Mailchimp that allow you to search their emails.

9. Export LinkedIn connections:

If you are connected to your prospect on LinkedIn, you can export your connections and retrieve their email address. LinkedIn allows you to export your connections’ data, including email addresses, into a downloadable spreadsheet. Of course, not every LinkedIn user chooses to show their email address.

10. Make an educated guess:

Sometimes, you can guess to determine a person’s email address. Understanding common email address formats can help you guess the address based on a person’s name and domain. If you have the email address of someone else who works at the same company, analyze its structure to make informed deductions. Templates like “[Name],” How to Find Someone's Email ID by Phone Number?

How to Find Someone’s Email ID by Phone Number?

Finding a way to connect with people is easier than ever these days. You have a lot of ways, from phone numbers to their socials accounts. But emails are still one of the most important contact ways, although they don’t seem that important. Can we find someone’s email ID based on their phones number? Well, there are some methodes for that, let’s discuss them.

Method 1: Go to online search engines

Some search engines and websites include such information to enter a phone number and get the person’s contact information and name. This way can reach social media accounts, profiles, posts, etc., which you can use to understand how to find someone’s email using a phone number. However, unfortunately, many of the results may provide you with incorrect or outdated information.

Method 2: Reverse phone number lookup service

Several online services specialize in reverse phone number lookups. These services allow you to find people’s email IDs using the phone number you provide to the service. Simply enter the phone number into the search bar of a reliable reverse phone lookup service, which will provide you with results related to the number.

Reverse phone number lookup service

Method 3: Contact with mutual communication

Access mutual communications if you need help finding the person’s email ID through online searches and social media platforms. Common platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn may show you mutual friends who can point you in the right direction. By sending a polite message to these contacts, explain your intention to contact the person and ask for their email ID. People often love to help other people to get connected, especially if they are on good terms with both parties.

Method 4: Online directories and people search websites

Several websites serve as online directories of people’s contact information. Websites like Whitepages and Intelius have extensive databases that can be used to find email IDs associated with phone numbers. Enter the phone number in the designated search bar on these websites to see if the associated email IDs are available. Keep this in mind that these websites are free, so do not expect accuracy or any guaranteed data.

Online directories and people search websites

Finding someone’s email ID using their phone number can be useful in today’s digital world. Although privacy concerns and security measures may limit access to personal information. However, there are various ways to increase the chances of success in accessing such information.

These include using search engines, social media platforms, reverse phone number lookup services, online directories, etc. Utilizing these resources, one can enhance their ability to find the desired information. Significantly increase your success. It is important to always remember to respect privacy and use the information obtained responsibly when trying to find a personal email ID.

How to Find Someone’s Email Id on LinkedIn?

Are you wondering how to find someone’s email ID using LinkedIn? The short answer is that if you are thinking of using the platform itself, it is mostly ineffective. Since only some people select to show their email address publically on LinkedIn. Sales Navigator can be a good way to find personal emails on LinkedIn. Except looking at its subscription fees, only some people are willing to use this account just to find some personal email IDs.

The other way is to use email finder services like CUFinder person email finder. It will not only help you find people’s email IDs using their LinkedIn account, but the price is too reasonable. There are eight different plans, six of them are paid plans and two are free , so you can choose the best one to suit your needs.

How to Find Someone's Email Id on LinkedIn?

Also, the CUFinder gives you 15 free credits every month. So if paid service credits are too many for the emails you want to find every month, you can use the free credits. Don’t forget that CUFinder guarantees 98% accuracy. It can make a real difference in how successful your email campaigns can be. Sign up and use the free trial to feel the difference and speed right now. Remember that every profile URL on your Excel file is a credit.


In conclusion, if you are wondering how to find someone’s email ID, several effective methods and resources are available to increase your chances of success. Social media platforms can also be valuable resources in your quest. By searching for the person’s name on different social media platforms, you may uncover their email address as part of their profile information.

Another helpful approach entails utilizing reverse phone number lookup services. By using such services and combining them with the specified keywords, you can find email IDs associated with specific phone numbers. Furthermore, online directories and people search websites compile public information that includes email IDs.

By utilizing these resources and incorporating the precise keywords, you can potentialle desired email ID. While not explicitly incorporating the exact keywords in every sentence, this revised conclusion aims to cover how to find someone’s email ID and provide relevant information to assist in the search.


  • How do I find someone’s Gmail ID? You can either search their name or even phone number on Google or other search engines, use their social media accounts, or use the CUFinder person email finder service.
  • How to find someones email id by phone number? There are some websites that might be able to help you with this. Just get them the phone number and receive other information.
  • How do I find an email with just a name? Just upload the name and preferably the domain of the company that a person works on the CUFinder person email finder engine and find their email IDs in a second.

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