LinkedIn is one of the most popular social and communication networks with over 800 million users in over 200 countries is employed for professional business & prospect connection, and creates economic opportunities for any member of the worldwide workforce.

This network offers a special feature that allows its members to access the searchability of their LinkedIn contacts ’emails. 😊

By using this potential to find email addresses on LinkedIn, people can connect with the world’s professionals and do lead generation more prolifically and prosperously to improve their job position.

Why do some individuals, despite years of being members of LinkedIn, not know how to find the email address of someone on LinkedIn?

The answer is simple, not being acquainted with and not working with LinkedIn email extraction tools is one of the problems that make some persons unable to utilize them properly, even after long-standing membership on LinkedIn.

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Do not worry! In this article, you will get more helpful information regarding how to find the email address of someone on LinkedIn.

How to Find Someone's Email on LinkedIn?

The world’s best LinkedIn email finder

Due to the abundance of LinkedIn email extractors and your lack of knowledge about the best and most advantageous LinkedIn email extraction includes all search features and services, to hit the target accurately, we will help you choose the best LinkedIn email finder in the world and easily find the individuals’ and companies’ emails from every country, and in every field and industry, you want in real-time without any delay.

So, join us to introduce you to the most popular and best LinkedIn email finder.

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CUFinder was created to provide the best ultra-fast search services and key and practical solutions to problems of business, marketing, prospects, recruitment, and many other cases.

The benefits of CUFinder LinkedIn email extractor

  • The availability of largest database comprises contact details of more than 250 million companies from almost wholly countries of the world and 427 industries ✅
  • The swift and handy attainability of someone’s and firm’s email address
  • The easy accessibility of CRM platforms ✅
  • The obtainability of companies’ and individuals’ emails in bulk ✅
  • The availability of highly accurate and valid email addresses by using the email verifier tool ✅
  • The availability of free trials, as well as favorable and economical competitive prices ✅

What is the best and easiest way to find the email address of someone on LinkedIn?

Employing the two CUFinder methods, such as CUFinder LinkedIn email finder and CUFinder Google Chrome extension, you can effortlessly extract the email of anyone and any company on LinkedIn you want with the least amount of mouse clicks in the shortest possible time.

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In the First method:

  • Enter the CUFinder page at
  • Select any country and industry you want. In this step, a list of the LinkedIn accounts in your target country and industry you chose is demonstrated.
  • Pick a person or all of the persons on the list who want to see their emails

In the second method:

  •  Enter the LinkedIn page at
  • Employ the CUFinder Google Chrome Extension service
  • Select and click on a box of individuals’ and companies’ emails and extract emails you like from the list.

Finding the email address of someone by CUFinder LinkedIn email extractor is an incredibly brisk and cool process, and then, we would recommend it for everyday use because it is time-saving.

Now, try it on!

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