LinkedIn is the superhero of social platforms. You can share your resume in it, find jobs, clients, people whom you can influence, etc. Other social platforms do not really give you details to find the right audience in a different industry, and when you can’t identify the target population, you are doomed to do anything! For example, think that you are a beauty product marketing expert.

You spend thousands of dollars on ads and campaigns, but there is no ROI there; why is that? Well, you are digging the wrong spot; the real treasure is somewhere else. I mean, why should an 80-year-old lady buy some skin-purifying product?

Now, how to find a target audience on LinkedIn? We will talk about the most straightforward way you have to do this. Doesn’t matter if you are a marketer, potential influencer, recruiter, job seeker, etc., this works for everyone, and we also will talk about two common mistakes people tend to make in this field.

How to Find Target Audience on LinkedIn?

You need to hit the target to win the trophy, sell your product and services, be called an influencer, find the correct companies to apply for a decent job, etc. As mentioned, social platforms usually don’t help you that much in searching for a specific population.

Because they don’t have the data to do that, LinkedIn is not like any other social media network.

It has a lot of professional data like people’s education, what they do for life, what industry they are in, what their authority level is, their location, etc. This vast database is what anyone needs to identify their target audience.

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You don’t have to be a B2B marketer to want to find target audiences. Sometimes people try to expand their connections, hoping to become micro or macro-influencers, job seekers who want to apply for a specific job in different companies, or just want to expand their network for future opportunities, even the recruiters who are making a database of the best candidates for a position or for the positions they might want to find candidates in future.

How to find target audience on LinkedIn?

If you are a marketer, you need to find the right audiences for your campaigns; this is somehow a simple task to do. first, you’ve got to identify who you think should be engaged within your campaign, or be in the database, etc.; what is your desired location?

What industry and authority level do you have in mind? The more categories you can add the narrower the explored audience and the better the result will be.

To perform the search easier, you can combine different filters that LinkedIn has in its search tools.

LinkedIn is a society with 830 million members, so it is logical for people to try to find the right audience through dozens of filters that the platform has provided.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Find the search bar on your homepage’s left corner
  3. Type the keyword in your mind (e.g., beauty industry)
  4. Choose to see all the results
  5. Now, click on any of the categories (people, companies, groups, etc.)
  6. As we are looking for the individuals, we click on people
  7. To narrow down our search as much as possible, click on ‘All filters’
  8. You can define connections (better to select 2nd and 3rd+ if you want to expand your network), current or past companies, industry, profile language, etc.
  9. The most critical thing to identify can be the industry, location, and some keywords
  10. You can use Boolean search as well. Use ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ to be more specific in the keywords to help LinkedIn show you the best results possible.
  11. Click on the ‘Show the result’ button.
  12. There is your target audience; you need to pick them and connect them to reach your goals.
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How to Find Target Audience on LinkedIn?

Searching by name also possible to find some particular audiences. For instance, imagine that you are an entrepreneur and met Noah at a conference some years ago.

All you have in hand is a name, and you remember that he is a founder of some tech companies in California. Can you find him? There are two ways here.

The first one is the easy one. If you can remember their surname, enter their complete name in the search bar.

If you don’t remember a part of their names, use this formula “first name + title + location” or “last name + company name + location”. You can also use those so-called filters to search for those specific people.

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Also, some services that can help you make a CRM database from scratch or enrich your database at a reasonable cost, like CUF.

This one is the ultimate way to find a target audience on Linkedin. All you need to do is to use different filters to tell these services what kind of audience you have in mind and get the result in a concise time.

Watch out for the mistakes

The market is more competitive today than at any other time, so it is so vital to stand out, get engraved in the minds of your audiences, shine and be separable from your rivals.

One of the ways to reach this goal is to find the right target audiences; to reach that; you need to make sure not to make these common mistakes.

Poor use of keywords can end up in failure. Targeting users that are not so active. Posts and articles are the best way to engage with your audiences.

When the people you are targeting are not that much active on the platform, it makes it hard to understand their favorites, priorities, etc.


It is so essential to know how to find target audience on LinkedIn. Doesn’t matter if you are a B2B marketing expert, job seeker, recruiter, etc., you need to define the right audiences on this platform if you want to reach your goal. So use one of the ways we introduced you and find the perfect audience population.

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