How to find a company URL? How to get website URLs for a list of companies, one hundred or one thousand!? What is the best way for bulk website search? How to find the URL from the company name? Is it possible to get a URL list automatically?

If such questions stick in your mind, do not lose this article!

The most reliable way for bulk website search is to use company URL finders, designed to find URLs from company names with the purpose of preparing long lists of business website URLs and also complete unfinished lists of company contacts in a shorter time more high quality.

URL stands for Universal Resource Locator. According to Lexico, it is “The address of a web page” which is the “1990s abbreviation for uniform (or universal) resource locator.”

Anyone whose job confronts him with long incomplete company URL lists, tired of the tedious process of Googling to find URLs from the company name and does not have enough time to wait, can subscribe to and experience an enjoyable result!

Find URL from company name manually, is this the right way!?

Imagine you have an excel file of company and business names and have to find URLs from the company names. You can start from the first company name and manually search it in Google or any other preferred search engine like Yahoo or Bing.

If you are lucky, the first demonstrated website is the true one; however, you can be sure of its relatedness and accuracy only by opening, visiting, and making a thorough investigation of the website by checking the company name to be strictly accurate, the company location, products, and industry.

But the process of URL detection is not always as easy as mentioned. It is very likely that the website of the searched company not be the first site that appeared in SERPs; even it may not be on the first page of SERPs!

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That’s embarrassing! You must search many websites and Google SERPs to find the correct and accurate website.

How much time is required? How tedious is this process, especially when many company names are available to change to URLs? Is the explained process possible to detect thousands of company URLs, or is it suitable to find just a few website addresses?

Isn’t it better to update your URL detection process and use automatic methods like company URL finders that can find URLs from company names faster and more reliable!? Technology is ready to assist you, why not trust it!?

Find URL from company name automatically!

The second way to find URLs from company names is the automatic tools designed exclusively for this purpose which are named company URL extractor or company URL finder.

A company URL extractor is the best method for URL detection when lots of URLs must be found in a short period of time. It significantly helps users to:

  • Spend their time on more important tasks rather than searching many hours on the web to find URLs from the company name.
  • Save their energy for more important parts of their job!
  • Take a big step forward as they get the clients’ contacts sooner than their competitors! is more professional than ever! can find URLs from the company names. This URL can be related to a company website or a company profile on LinkedIn.

Company websites and company LinkedIn profiles both are showcases of your business! They are the best place to demonstrate:

  • Company history & resume
  • Products’
    • list
    • pictures & films
    • analysis, specification & articles
  • Company achievements
  • Company missions & visions, future plans & prospect
  • Company contacts (address, email, phone numbers, profiles on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Employees’ introduction (Meet the team page! In websites)

Moreover, the LinkedIn profile of a company is a desirable place where:

  • Clients’ can ask their questions and get a quick reply. Quick response to clients’ questions plays an important role in their satisfaction and trust.
  • Bids and offers can easily be sent privately.
  • Communicate with people through comments or in private chat.
  • Advertise company products and show them by picture and film to the whole world!
  • Negotiation and information transformation can easily be done.
  • Employers can find employees and vice versa!
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A meticulously styled website and LinkedIn profile can benefit from all the mentioned issues and affect visitors’ minds on the first visit.

A creative web graphic design, intelligent and relevant content, strong SEO strategies, and mobile-friendliness can all help websites to be on the first page of SERPs. LinkedIn is not also an exception!

How to Find URL from Company Name?
How to Find URL from Company Name? 3

Bulk website search faster by!

Our superhero company URL extractor is a very strong tool for bulk company lookup! It finds a URL from the company name and gets a URL list for as many companies as the user asks!

Hundreds of thousands of company, business, or brand names should be copied in an excel file and then uploaded to Company URL Finder.

In the blink of an eye, it finds URLs from company names. In other words, all names are converted to the company website and LinkedIn profile URLs, and a complete list of URLs is given to the client.

Bulk website search is created to support marketers that are always engaged in the long process of company URL detection.

Blank columns of company URLs in incomplete long lists of companies can be filled in a matter of seconds with the help of our expertise Company URL Finder!

What else has helped to get first place in the market!?

  • URL verification: All provided URLs by Company URL Finder are verified and checked one by one. A thorough analysis and investigation are done for each of the URLs. We not only find URL from the company name but also verify the result perfectly and completely.
  • Find URLs based on various data:: Our Company URL Finder finds company websites based on the name. However, the below ways are possible too:
    • Find company URL from company emails
    • Get URL list from company phone numbers
    • Prepare a list of URLs based on company profiles on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Single & bulk: It allows users single and bulk website searches.
  • Complete database of URLs: It benefits from the most comprehensive database of company URLs with information from over 40 million companies!
  • Web check-in real-time: Our company URL extractor also checks web pages at the same time to be sure of the accuracy of the URLs.
  • Updated company URL extractor: It updates both the methods of finding URLs from the company name and the company data in its database to eliminate any inaccurate information and enhance the reliability of its information
  • Finds all company URLs: It provides both:
  • Quick: It finds the URL from the company name in the shortest possible time without any latency.
  • Free URL finder: It offers 50 free requests monthly for all new and old clients.
  • Reasonably priced: It is an economic company URL finder with different pricing plans for various clients’ purposes.
  • Lifetime services: The lifetime services of Company URL Finder relax users’ minds as they do not have to use all their credit in a certain period of time! However, it is worth mentioning that usually the requests are used fast! Most of the time, they are finished in less than a month!
  • An easy to work with the website: Company URL Finder has an updated website with organized and clear content which is mobile friendly and very convenient to use. A complete tutorial is also ready to help newcomers.
  • Supports the whole world: It can find URL from the company name of any kind of business in any part of the world.
  • Professional team: Company URL Finder hired educated, experienced and professional experts that are also very committed and respect customers. All clients’ questions and problems are answered and solved within a few minutes by the responsible team of Company URL Finder! We focus on customers and do our best to gain their trust.
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