This question can be interpreted in two different ways. Are you looking to verify your information and to level up your security when you are signing in or are you looking for something like an Instagram blue tick? How to get verified on LinkedIn? There are two ways to do it (to verify your information) you can use the two steps verification or the phone number verification, but there is nothing such as a blue tick or something Like that on LinkedIn.

When you search this title on google, somehow every website is giving you an instruction to get a blue tick, as their accent is, all the same, I am quoting one of them and giving you a screenshot of that page.

“LinkedIn enables its users to obtain a blue tick through the LinkedIn Lookup app. To get this blue tick, you need to request a LinkedIn verification from within the LinkedIn Lookup app. LinkedIn will then send you a four-digit code to your email address. Enter the code into LinkedIn Lookup and you will then be verified.”

How to Get Verified on LinkedIn?

This got me confused for some hours since every single website was giving me the same instruction, this made me confused for some hours. I mean, not everyone can be wrong, can they? Yes, they can.

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I literally explored each and every corner of the LinkedIn mobile app to find a link or form to request this blue tick, but no, mam, there was nothing like that in there, so I decided to ask how to do it from the LinkedIn support team, and guess what?

They said that there is no verified badge on LinkedIn yet, and people cannot even see if an account is verified for security purposes. To give you a complete picture of my conversations, I am going to give you the exact conversations below:

  • Me: hello. I have one question for which I couldn’t find a precise answer in the help section and different articles. How can I verify my LinkedIn profile? I know that you should do it from the mobile app, but how exactly can I request it in the app? I am not talking about phone verification; I just couldn’t find a way to request that 4 digits code that LinkedIn should send to my email. And can people see if an account id is verified like is there a tick or something?
  • LinkedIn expert (in the live chat): Hi there, this is Liway, a LinkedIn expert and a LinkedIn user just like you. Thank you for contacting us. There’s no tick or any symbol that will show the account is verified.
  • Me: thank you. But is there a way to verify the account as said on different websites?
  • LinkedIn expert (in the live chat): I’m sorry, what do you mean by different websites?
  • Me: when you search how to get verified on LinkedIn, all of them say to use the LinkedIn lookup app to send a request. I mean, they repeated the same thing over and over. Is it even true? Since I couldn’t find anything in the app.
  • LinkedIn expert (in the live chat): On LinkedIn, there’s no verification badge yet. Please make sure to search for what you’re looking for on LinkedIn help –
  • Me: ok, thank you very much.
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How to Get Verified on LinkedIn?

You see? There is no way to verify an account like on Twitter, Instagram, or other social platforms on LinkedIn! They did not make a badge, tick, or anything like this yet.

I mean, I believe those websites who made this instruction made their assumptions based on an experimental feature that was making this kind of verification possible (I am not aware of such a thing) and just wrote this on their websites. But I can still tell you how to get verified on LinkedIn (from the information point of view). Shall we?

How to get verified on LinkedIn

How to Get Verified on LinkedIn?

People are getting more and more suspicious about the things that are going on, on the internet and on social media networks. Many of us think what if another person tries to hack onto my account? What can they do with it and what consequences might this have for us? That is why LinkedIn is trying this new security feature where you can verify the information before you sign in to your account.

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  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click on the ‘Me’ icon in the top right corner of the page
  3. Select ‘Privacy & Security’
  4. Click on ‘Sign in & security’
  5. Tap on ‘Phone numbers
  6. Add you phone number
  7. Select you country
  8. Click on the send code button
  9. LinkedIn will send you a 6 digits code. Enter the code and verify your number

The two-step verification method steps are somehow the same, except they send you a code every time you want to sign in.

How to get verified on LinkedIn? If you mean to get a blue tick that verifies you are the one you are claiming to be, like on Instagram or Twitter, there is no such thing on LinkedIn. But you still can get the information verified to get more security!

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