Your connections are somehow everything you have on social media like LinkedIn; they can be your friends, your former, current, or future employers or colleagues, your employees and mentors, your clients and potential customers, etc.

This population can create many opportunities for you, especially if you have a business and a company page for that. I mean, why not?

Having a company page is one of the elements of successful branding in a social platform specifically designed for business. Still, a much more critical thing is trying to encourage people to follow your page. How to invite someone to your LinkedIn page? We will answer this question soon, but first, why should you invite them?

How to Invite Someone to Your LinkedIn Page?

Why should you invite people to your company page?

It is only natural, right? When you have a product or provide a service, you need to make some marketing efforts, and where is better to do that than in a social media network with more than 830 million users that is specialized for business?

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Encouraging and inviting people to follow your company page is the first step of marketing for your product and brand. The more followers the further the branding success and more selling chances.

How to Invite Someone to Your LinkedIn Page?

When you invite people to follow your company page, more and more people will notice your brand so it is only fair to say you are promoting your products and services by inviting people to follow your company page.

Besides, you probably have a company website that you mentioned on your company page. Well, you need to know that more than 45% of the LinkedIn traffic is for B2B marketers, and a huge population visits company websites through a LinkedIn backlink, so you are actually doing some useful marketing as well.

You can also find talents among people who decided to accept your invitation and follow the page. I mean, they are interested in this industry and decided to follow you right?

How to Invite Someone to Your LinkedIn Page?

Another reason is to increase your credibility. You can show people who decided to follow you that you are knowledgeable and a perfect source of that industry information just by posting rich content.

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How to invite someone to your LinkedIn page?

Yes, it is so appealing, right? Aren’t you wondering how to invite someone to your LinkedIn page? Thankfully doing so is really easy. I mean, there are some restrictions of course.

You know that this feature started working on LinkedIn years ago but they had to remove it for multiple times for the abuse of some users for spamming other members. So now, LinkedIn added it again but made some strict conditions to limit the spamming ability.

How to Invite Someone to Your LinkedIn Page?

  • Admins with less than 500 connections can invite every one of them at once, but admins with more than 500 connections are to do it manually
  • You can only invite your first-degree connections
  • company pages with more than 100,000 followers cannot use this feature
  • only super admins can invite people to follow the company page
  • Admin needs to have more than three connections
  • Admins can only invite their connections once (no repeated invitations are allowed)
  • Admins can only invite 50 connections every time
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So if you can accept these conditions, log in to your personal account, click on ‘Me’, and select the company page from the dropdown menu, check to be in the ‘Admin view’ position. Click on the ‘Admin tool’ dropdown and select invite connections. Select the connections you prefer and click on ‘Invite connections’. You’ve just learned how to invite someone to your LinkedIn page, so what are you waiting for? Start promoting your brand on LinkedIn.

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