There are always times when you need to block someone on social media networks. They might be inappropriate, rude, fraudulent, you might simply not like them, etc., and you might get blocked by other people for different reasons as well, it is a two-way road. LinkedIn is a social media so it’s not that hard to understand that you might get blocked by someone else on it. Do you want to learn how to know if someone blocked you on LinkedIn? We are just going to tell you how, so keep reading.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on LinkedIn?

How to know if someone blocked you on LinkedIn?

Do you suspect you got blocked by someone? Do you want to know how to tell if someone blocked you on LinkedIn?

Their profile disappears. The first sign of noticing that a user blocks you is that you cannot find their profile in your connections.

Just search their names in the search bar; if you cannot find them on LinkedIn directly but can see they have an account on LinkedIn when you search them on Google, they probably blocked you.

To make sure, click on their profile in the google search; if they blocked you, you’ll get redirected to a page that says, “This page doesn’t exist”. So you cannot message them on LinkedIn or see their shared connection with you.

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You won’t get notified about their updates or their newsletter (if they have one). Any endorsements or recommendations that they gave you will be removed from your profile. You also won’t be suggested to them as people they might know.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on LinkedIn?

Yeah, it is a hard situation, but good news! There is still one scenario in which you still might be able to see their profiles and updates.

As LinkedIn claims: “If you block a member, they may still see the information you make public, such as your public profile, content posted in public (open) group discussions, your own public shares, and comments on Influencer posts.

You can always review your public profile settings to change how you appear in public search engines.”

Why should someone block you on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a perfect social media platform that everyone can use based on their needs. Doesn’t matter if you are a recruiter, business owner, job seeker, manager, clerk, student, etc. LinkedIn can always find a way to make your life easier.

Want to share your resume? Occupy a particular position, find a mentor? Learn different things? Find the best talents for a free position. And many other things? LinkedIn is the answer. But still, there are always people who are not your type for different reasons, and you can block them or they can block you. Just if we had this option in real life.

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I mean, there are many people who I just wish I could block in real life. I mean, think about that annoying colleague, manager, driver, and somewhat all of the politicians; it could be a perfect world if it had a blocking option. Right? 🤣

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on LinkedIn?

There are scammers, spammers, rude, Obnoxious and annoying people on LinkedIn, just like on any other social platform.

You can permanently restrict their access to your profile or block them. When you do it, they cannot see your profile or message you. Yes, that is the best possible way in many scenarios. We are going to mention some reasons for someone to get blocked.

  • Spammers: If you are one of those people who fill other people’s messaging section with marketing messages, it is possible for you to get blocked.
  • Daters: people, LinkedIn is no dating site, please quit trying to hit on other users on this platform. Personally, I do block anyone who thinks LinkedIn is a perfect place to hit on me.
  • The intruders: do not reach out to other users’ contacts without taking their permission and don’t see yourself as their close friends when you never even met them in person. You will definitely get blocked when you do this.
  • The rude users: language please! LinkedIn is a global community. You should be very careful about your tone, especially when you are messaging a foreigner on LinkedIn. One simple word that might not even be considered rude in your country might get you blocked on LinkedIn.
  • The fakers: do not use fake photos and do not fabricate information on your LinkedIn profile. It is just so easy to evaluate if a profile photo is fake or not, and the credibility of the information can be assessed just by a phone call or an email. Believe me, the fakers get blocked with no second thoughts.
  • Scammers: they might add you as their fellow investors or try to persuade you to invest in some dubious projects. They might even try to convince you to apply for a very high position with an incredible salary that doesn’t really match your features.
  • Creepy people: users who are scared for any reason.
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There are a lot of other reasons that might make people block you. So now that you’ve learned how to know if someone blocked you on LinkedIn and you know some of the things that might get you blocked, maybe it is better to be more careful about how you behave on this platform.

Are blocked even after being so careful? Well, some people just enjoy blocking other users, so just leave them be!

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