All right, so we are back to the exciting topic of company pages and marketing on LinkedIn; it’s the “how to like a post as a company on LinkedIn?” Now, you probably noticed before that unlike Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media platforms, your company page is not an independent and individual account.

I mean, you can always post content, post job ads, launch events, etc. on it, but you won’t have a feed, contacts, messaging, or other sections on a company page so you cannot like, comment, or share a post as a company page.

How to Like a Post as a Company on LinkedIn?

Why does it even matter? Well, it is a marketing trick! What is more effective than a suitable reaction or an engaging comment to attract people to visit your company page and follow it? There can be lead generators, prospects, clients, potential talents, potential partners, and investors among this population.

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Interaction is the key to successful branding, whether it is personal or business branding, where is better to interact than in the comment section of a post or make people notice you just by sharing a post on the company page?

As we said, LinkedIn never added a way for people to just go on and like or comment on any posts and articles on behalf of their companies, which is odd! But even impossible says I’m possible, right? There are still two ways to do this.

How to like a post as a company on LinkedIn?

Now it may seem impossible, but thankfully there is a trick to being able to like a post, write a comment or share it as a company on LinkedIn. This instruction has five steps, four of which are the same for both methods, so we decided not to separate them.

How to Like a Post as a Company on LinkedIn?

Step 1

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The methods are only operable on a desktop so log into your account using a laptop or PC. Click on the ‘Me’ button and select the company you want to like a post with under the ‘Manage section of the dropdown.

Step 2

Keep the page on and open your homepage on another tab. Find the post you want to like and click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the post and select ‘Copy link to post’.

Step 3

Open a tab and copy the address in the address bar tab on the enter key, then click the company page tab and copy the number you can see in its address bar.

Step 4

  • Go to that new tab and add &actorCompanyId=copy the number to the post address
  • Erase the address of the post from the “?” and add /?actorCompanyId= copy the number
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Step 5

You should be able to see your company page logo instead of youl profile photo now. Now you can like, share and comment on a post.


You can always like, share, and comment on the posts you publish on your company page but when you know how to like a post as a company on LinkedIn, you can work on some very strong💪 branding strategies.

You don’t always have to advertise your products on LinkedIn directly or invite people to follow your company page, sometimes a good comment or a suitable reaction to a post of another company or a user (especially the influencers or popular posts) is much more effective.

Now you know how to like, comment, or share a post on behalf of your company page, so use this trick for indirect marketing. ☺

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