Have you ever watched the “How I Met Your Mother” TV series? If the answer is yes, you must be familiar with Barney’s dialogue: “Hi, haaaave you met Ted?” He used to introduce Ted to every woman he ever thought might be the one who could help Ted get happier.

This is one of the ways that LinkedIn users can help their contacts. You know that it is all about connections on LinkedIn, right? People will expect you to help the ones you know as much as possible as a good social citizen, and not every help includes giving money.

For example, think that your friend is doing a project and asks if you know someone who can help them in that project, or they are seeking to work at a specific role.

You know someone who is employing for that job or can consult them in applying for some similar positions, so you decide to help these more people connect. How to make an introduction on LinkedIn? We are going to answer this question.

How to Make an Introduction on LinkedIn?

How to make an introduction on LinkedIn?

Thankfully it is straightforward to make a decent introduction on LinkedIn. Why should you do this? “You scratch my back, and I scratch yours.” You are helping people by introducing them to each other and probably making their life easier, so most of them will return the favor by doing the same thing when you need it.

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So log into your account and click on the messaging tab, and click on the icon to start writing a new message. Enter the names of those you like to introduce to each other; you can choose a group name for them, and then start your message like the below sample:

“Dear Sidney,

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Let me introduce you to Jenny Michelson, a SEO expert at JJ Intel co.

She is probably the best person to help you with that problem with SEO marketing in the company.

Jenny, Sidney is a colleague of mine at Supersonics. I believe you can help her to solve a SEO problem.

I let you two take it from here.

Best wishes Tina”

Remember that you should include their common history (if it exists) like the same university🏫, industry, interest, etc., and tell them why you’ve decided to introduce them to each other (tell them how they can help each other).

How to Make an Introduction on LinkedIn?

You can also make the introduction in another way. The message is like the sample I gave you, but to do that, you can search for one of the people you like to introduce in the search box, open their profile, click on the ‘More’ button and select ‘share profile in a message.

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When the messaging window pops up, enter the name of the targeted people, choose a group name, and then write the message under the LinkedIn URL that is provided.

Keep the message as short as possible; no one has spare time to read a very long message. Even the most professional readers just read these long texts.

Especially if they are an introduction, which is usually not that important for most LinkedIn users. When people send me long-inducing messages, I usually just ignore the message and ask the other group member how I can help them. The introduction process will be done at last, but a short message can make it much faster.

So now you know how to make an introduction on LinkedIn, try it. This will definitely help empower your connection network.

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