LinkedIn is a business-focused platform, which means you can find a job or employ suitable candidates for a position in your company on this platform. What about any business’s fuel part, I mean Investors?

Are they also found on LinkedIn? Yes. More than 90% of digital marketers believe that LinkedIn is the most effective lead-generation source.

The investors are not found on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social platforms, but they can be found on LinkedIn. The million-dollar question is how to find them and how to message an investor on LinkedIn. We are here to talk about these questions.

How to Message an Investor on LinkedIn?

How to find them and how to message an investor on LinkedIn?

Mind your profile

People, your profile is your identity on LinkedIn. You invite an investor to connect and I can assure you that most of them, if not all, will check your profile before accepting the invitation. Your profile is your store window.

Would you enter a store with a professional-looking window or one with a messy window? I prefer the first one because I know that the owner knows the value of professionalism. The investors care so much about your experiences and background, so work on your profile.

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Search bar

You can always use cold mailing and LinkedIn email finder services like CUF and and then add them to a CRM, but you can also find investors directly on LinkedIn, using the word “investor” in your search bar.

Just search this keyword and then narrow down the results by the filters you have in this section. Choose the people category, your preferred location, and other parameters.

It is suggested to choose the ones you have shared connections with at first because LinkedIn has some restrictions for messaging people you have no shared history with, and it is just the rule; people trust much more accessible to someone with whom they have a common field, history, or connection with.

You can establish a good connection with startup mentors and then ask them to introduce you to investors. This is a long-term strategy, so if you need an investor quickly, you better message them directly.

How to Message an Investor on LinkedIn?

The contact

Do not ask them to invest right at the first second. You would not ask someone to marry you on the first date. A pricy investment is just like a marriage proposal, significant needs thinking, and both sides need to know each other before deciding to do it. Besides, you might be considered creepy, hasty, and even rude.

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As we said, a mutual connection can help a lot. But what if there is no connection? In that case, follow some potential investors’ company pages, join relevant groups, read their articles, and review their profiles to familiarize yourself with their investment approaches and their portfolio.

It is suggested to gather some information about the project, income data, monthly growth, outcome, costs, etc. keep them short and to the point, no investor has enough time to read your multiple-pages document. Just tell them three things: the company name and field in which it is working, some key indicators and highlights, and why you chose to contact them.

As we said, do not ask them to invest in your business in the first line, you can ask their opinion about your start-up and ask to have a phone meeting, a meeting will do miracles.

Also, please avoid those mass mailing and try to customize your message. You saw their posts and profiles, right? Congratulate them for a new achievement or give your opinion about their newly launched product or service.

Be careful about grammar and spelling mistakes; they can ruin your first image in a second, and they are just a deal breakers. Use Grammarly extension to avoid these errors as possible.

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If you receive a response from the investor, respond immediately, delaying is not allowed for when you delay sending them a response back on the same day. A lot of the investors decide not to work with you.

Keep in touch

Investors have a limited amount of money that they can invest in a limited number of companies. If the cooperation did not work right now, it is suggested to keep that window open and ready to get back at the negotiations at the right moment. So keep in touch with the investors.


LinkedIn is the perfect source for finding investors, so start now and engage with them. We’ve just answered the million-dollar question of how to find them and how to message the investors on LinkedIn. Use these strategies to attract them to your brand and seduce them to invest in your business. Remember that it is so rare that you can attract an investor on the first try, for 60% are not interested, 30% don’t even think about your offer, 6-7% are open to it, and only 3% are willing to cooperate right now. But the stats suggest that 90% of the deals are made after the first call, not right at it.

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