Webinars are a tricky thing right now. I mean, they were popular from the first day, but to tell the truth, not everyone liked them; I was one of the haters myself. But the Covid-19 pandemic made us test this kind of seminar; boy, they worked perfectly for us.

Many B2B marketers regret not using webinars sooner. Do you know why? Because there are no geographical conditions in webinars. People can attend them from everywhere.

LinkedIn is called the perfect platform for advertising any webinars, especially if it is targeting a B2B marketing population. It is said that more than 46% of B2B social media traffic comes from LinkedIn, so they generate heavy demand in different fields. It is the platform’s nature, so how to promote a webinar on LinkedIn? There are some ways to make sure there are qualified people attending your webinars.

How to Promote a Webinar on LinkedIn?

Why LinkedIn?

Before talking about how to promote a webinar on LinkedIn, let’s say why you should bother promoting it on LinkedIn. There are many reasons to do that. LinkedIn is a society with 830 million members; even if you can persuade 0/001% of this population to attend your webinar, you have 8300 lead generators who are interested in what you will tell them; this is a massive population of potential clients, right?

The other thing is that, as the stats suggest, 80% or 4 out of 5 users on LinkedIn are decision-makers. These people are the ultimate target population for any B2B marketer.

How to Promote a Webinar on LinkedIn?

Let me share another shocking news with you! There are 55 million active company pages on LinkedIn right now. Even if you can interest 2% of them, you will have more than 1 million companies to deal with and to promote your webinar and/or your products and services.

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You just need an exciting topic that aims to solve real business problems. You need to have some assets we will talk about, know your audience, and correctly advertise your webinar.

How to promote a webinar on LinkedIn?

There are thousands of tricks to get the best out of promoting webinars, and we are going to talk about the most critical and main ones.

1. Mind the necessary basics

The basics are always essential . First , you will need to create an event page. Believe it or not, having an event page can help you a lot in building authority.

You can share some resources related to the topic and some webinar information that can act as an appetizer for those who registered to attend and users who still have doubts about eating the main course.

Creating an exciting and friendly landing page that tells the audience why they need to attend this webinar is also necessary. It is suggested to provide them with a preview of what they will learn and even use some headshots of the panelists and a concise biography for them.

How to Promote a Webinar on LinkedIn?

To create that event page:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the ‘Me’ button
  3. Select your company page
  4. Once you are in, click on the admin tool button
  5. Select ‘Create an event’
  6. Upload a professional picture for your webinar
  7. Fill in the necessary information in the pop-up window (choose an encouraging title with less than 75 characters)
  8. Provide an external link (to the website you are going to hold the webinar)
  9. Write a catchy and exciting paragraph for the description section
  10. It is also suggested to check the “Use a LinkedIn registration form?” to Let LinkedIn collect the attendants’ information through a simple form. Then, you can download the list later in a CSV or XLS format.
  11. Don’t forget to check the online box on the event type
  12. Make a grammar check; there are a few things that can hurt your credibility like grammar mistakes and miss-spelling.
  13. Create the page
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2. A single image worth thousands of words

Now that you have a good landing page, it is time to try and attract people with updates about the webinar. It is suggested to use custom images for promoting the webinar. An image can get people to the event page and encourage them to attend.

Is one of the best websites to customize an image, and an exciting thing is that it automatically resizes the pictures to fit LinkedIn-defined dimensions. Start publishing different posts three weeks before the event and try to write compelling content.

3. Sampling for teammates, partners, and groups

Give your partners and teammates some LinkedIn update samples about the webinar and encourage them to share them on their personal accounts.

4. CTA

Enrich your webinar-related content with call-to-action sentences.

5. High interaction and the right hashtags

Try to publish a collection of different posts. Posting one webinar banner repeatedly will only sicken your followers and connections and decrease📉 engagement.

Instead, publishing different types of content about the webinar is suggested. You know, things like related articles, videos, infographics, quote banners of the speakers, etc. These things have a high rate of engagement probability and will help more and more users know about your webinar.

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6. The right hashtags

Do you follow one or two hashtags on LinkedIn? So, You probably saw that different hashtags have thousands (if not millions) of followers. So adding the correct hashtags to your webinar-related posts can and will help you get more visible.

How to Promote a Webinar on LinkedIn?

7. Groups

You can also spread the word in the relevant groups. Be careful, don’t spam the groups but let people know about the webinar.

Although LinkedIn is not a mono-task platform, it is basically a business-oriented network. So there are millions of professionals with common interests in it that are constantly sharing and exchanging information, especially in different groups.

So it is obviously one of the best-promoting ways to advertise your webinars in the related groups.

Being in a group not only helps you talk to many people (who are not in your connections) all at once, but it also lets you message them privately.

Besides, there can be a lot of people there who are effective in the industry you are working in.

Many people join different groups to promote their webinars, you can be one of them, and you can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn.


All right, you now know how to promote a webinar on LinkedIn, so if you are holding an event, try promoting it with the mentioned strategies, or you can also use different paid services like LinkedIn ads to promote your webinar. Anyhow, a webinar can be a perfect tool to generate leads and boost your marketing strategies.

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