Have you ever used Google docs? I, as a content writer, use it so often. GitHub roles as Google docs for programmers and code developers. You know what I mean right? They can edit some coding projects for the better in it. The difference is, GitHub is also a developers’ social platform. Just if the writers had such a thing, I mean think about the quality enhancement we could have with this kind of platform. The question here is how to put GitHub on LinkedIn. But first, I like to talk more about what GitHub is and why people use it.

What is GitHub?

As we said, GitHub is a social platform for software developers that works like a code-storing source.

The developers can upload their own coding files and access another open-source project.

They can also network, coworker, and pitch their work on the platform. GitHub was founded in 2008 and since then it has attracted millions of developers.

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The service is free like many other social platforms and has many useful features for code sharing and co-working.

How to Put GitHub on LinkedIn?

Git is an open-source version control software, which means it stores different versions of codes at different times and you can track the changes that different people made to the initial codes.

We have a similar thing in Google docs and Microsoft Word. They are called “version history” and “track change”.

This is an essential feature for software developers because if anything goes wrong in the version they are changing, they need to go back to the older version to apply the correct codes and solve the problems.

GitHub has its name for it stores many versions of one project at different times. Every developer can download different versions in their own systems, implicate the new codes, upload the new and tested version to GitHub as their own copy, and then add them to the main codebase.

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How to add GitHub on LinkedIn?

First of all, you need to know that there are no sections dedicated to the GitHub field on LinkedIn, but you still can add it to your profile with some instructions.

How to Put GitHub on LinkedIn?

  1. Open your account
  2. Click on the “Me” button in the far right top corner of your home page
  3. Click on “View Profile”
  4. Select “contact info” on the profile page
  5. Click on the pencil icon on the pop-up window to edit the information
  6. Scroll down to reach the part that says “add website”
  7. Type the GitHub profile URL and set the tab to “Other” from “Personal”
  8. Click save

What if you want more people, especially recruiters, to see your GitHub? The best option here is to add it to your profile featured section.

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile
  2. Go to your Featured section
  3. if you do not have a featured section, click on Add Profile Sectio, below your profile picture and add it
  4. Click on the Plus sign and select “add a Link”
  5. Add the GitHub URL and save
  6. Add the title,
  7. Add your description
  8. Click save
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Congratulations, you’ve just added GitHub to your LinkedIn profile.


GitHub is basically a version control cloud space for software developers to develop different codes, do networks, and co-operate in developing different software. It was first established in 2008 and now has millions of users. Since it had a vital role in programming and code development in recent years, many developers like to know how to put GitHub on LinkedIn in order to attract recruiters to their direction. We just mention how you can add GitHub to your LinkedIn profile.

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