And the man was silent and empty. And God said let there be connection, and there was connection. And God saw the connection and it was good, and God divided connection from silence.

As we mentioned so many times, connections are the main thing that is separating human society from the animal kingdom. Virtual connection became so widespread and common that we easily used it during the pandemic and the long global lockdown that was forced upon humanity by the Covid-19 outbreak.

We tried to move everything we do to the virtual world and for that we needed platforms. Thankfully LinkedIn was there to provide most of our business and professional needs.

Doesn’t really matter if you are looking for a job, employee, mentor, partner, client, investor, or just want to expand your network, you can do it on LinkedIn.

But you need to know that people usually do not spend more than one minute scanning your profile, the stats have shown that the most interested ones might spend up to three minutes reviewing your profile. So you need to know how to rearrange LinkedIn profile sections in order to put the things you want them to see and read on top and take their attention to these sections.

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How to Rearrange LinkedIn Profile Sections?

How to rearrange LinkedIn profile sections?

You could rearrange every section years ago, but unfortunately, that is not an option anymore. You cannot reorder the sections; not every one is rearrangeable. But thankfully you can rearrange some sections like education, experiences, skills, and volunteering experiences.

  1. There are some conditions for some of them, but the instructions are the same.
  2. Just open your profile
  3. scroll down to find the section you like to reorder
  4. click on the pencil icon to get directed to the edit page
  5. click on the arrow next to the ‘+’ icon
  6. then in the pop-up window hold the cursor on the three lines in front of each reorderable parts and move them up or down.
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How to Rearrange LinkedIn Profile Sections?

As I mentioned there are some conditions for reordering some sections’ information.

For example, in the experience section, you cannot move those previous jobs you had, in order to rearrange any jobs, they need to be your current job.

How is that possible? It is so simple if you are working in a full-time position right now and you also do freelancing from time to time, make sure to check that box in every job you are doing right now that says I am currently working in this position. Now go back to the instruction we just gave you and rearrange the jobs as you wish.

How to Rearrange LinkedIn Profile Sections?

The skill section is another part that you can rearrange and it is really important. As we said, different users do not spend more than one to three minutes reviewing your resume.

It means they will only scan the parts that are visible and would not go for that ‘Show all X skills’, and as you know, the only skills that are shown in the profile are the top three skills.

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So you need to reorder the skills you want most to be seen. But the option to rearrange this part is not like the other parts.

After you open your profile and click to edit the skills section, you have to click on the three dots icon and select ‘Reorder’.

Then you can rearrange all of the added skills in the pop-up window. Just make sure to bring the ones you want to get the most attention in the top three.

How to Rearrange LinkedIn Profile Sections?

It is still perfect to know how to rearrange LinkedIn profile sections. Even though it is more limited than it used to be, it still has a whole lot of influence on everything you like to do on LinkedIn. Your profile is your ID card and your resume on this platform so arrange it the best way possible.

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