If someone asked you how to rearrange photos on LinkedIn post? The answer would be very simple! During the process of uploading and adding photos to a LinkedIn post, you can click any photo you’d like to upload and drag them to select.

How to rearrange photos on LinkedIn posts after uploading? Is it possible?

But if you want to reorder photos after uploading and adding them to a LinkedIn post, as a matter of fact, it seems quite challenging and tricky. Or maybe it’s now unattainable!

So to find possible solutions to crack this problem, you need to follow our article and read about it below to learn how to do it.

The importance of using photos on LinkedIn posts

LinkedIn is considered a very effective tool for professional networking. However, if you want to stand out among more than 850 million LinkedIn users who always attempt to make themselves look better and more professional, it isn’t so straightforward.

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It’s no matter of concern! You just have to strive to be active on LinkedIn. But how?

To attract a plethora of audiences and expand your connections network, you should regularly create posts related to your business and interests, as well as share them with your network on LinkedIn and even other social media.

To make your posts more visible, it’s better to add images and videos to them.

Did you know that you can add multiple photos in a post in order to create an engaging experience for your audiences?

How to post multiple photos on LinkedIn?

To share and add multiple images to a LinkedIn post, you need to follow these steps:

1. In the post sharing box at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, click Start a post.

How to Rearrange Photos on LinkedIn Post?

2. In the pop-up window of Create a post, and in the What do you want to talk about? box, enter your text.

3. In this window, click on the Add a photo icon to add your targeted images.

How to Rearrange Photos on LinkedIn Post?

4. In the Edit your photo pop-up window, click the Select Images to share tab.

How to Rearrange Photos on LinkedIn Post?

At this step, you’ll be directed to the Open window where you can choose the images you want from your computer in the order you’d like to share.

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How to Rearrange Photos on LinkedIn Post?

5. In the above window, click on the images you want to arrange in the LinkedIn post, then hold & drag them until they’re selected, and then click the Open button.

6. After uploading the images, click the Done button and finally click Post.

How to Rearrange Photos on LinkedIn Post?

Hot tips that you should bear in mind:

  • You can choose up to nine photos to share a post.
  • The uploaded photos will appear on your post in the selected order.
  • After you’ve uploaded and added photos on LinkedIn posts, you can’t rearrange them.

How to rearrange photos on LinkedIn posts after uploading them?

While you’re willing to share multiple photos in your LinkedIn post, you might make a mistake in uploading them in order.

However, it can be challenging and tricky for you when you don’t know how to rearrange photos on LinkedIn posts.

Then many times you endeavor to change the order of the photos, but unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to rearrange or edit images after uploading them in a post.

The only workaround that seems to work around this right now is to name the images you want to share alphabetically in advance and then opt for them in alphabetical order in a new post.

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LinkedIn Carousel

As mentioned earlier, although currently, it’s impossible to rearrange images in LinkedIn posts, in the near future you’ll be able to do so without any trouble.

According to LinkedIn.com, this platform has decided to enable a new feature called “Carousel” as a fixed option and one of the sharing formats in its content post section for all users gradually.

With this new LinkedIn feature, you can easily share your visual content and meanwhile, you can add up to 20 photos to LinkedIn posts, and moreover, after adding them, you’ll be able to rearrange the photos by clicking on the Reorder option.

It’s interesting to know that now the Carousel feature is being rolled out in the feed of some users and so may not be available to you right now.

Be patient! After a short time in the near future, you and all LinkedIn members will definitely be able to take advantage of it, as well as no longer worry about how to rearrange photos on LinkedIn post!

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