Education is such an important section of your profile that LinkedIn experts say that most recruiters who view your profile usually go for the experiences and education section first.

According to some research, most of them only spend one to three minutes of their time reviewing profiles, which means they usually just suffice to review those two sections. Now that you know how important the education section is, some of you who are still studying may wonder how to say you graduated on LinkedIn.

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To indicate that you've graduated on LinkedIn, navigate to the "Education" section of your profile and click on the pencil icon to edit your education details. In the "Degree" field, select the option that matches your completed degree, such as "Bachelor's," "Master's," or "Doctorate." Then, enter your graduation date and any relevant honors or achievements. You can also add a description or summary of your program or coursework in the "Description" field.
How To Say You Graduated On LinkedIn?

How to say you graduated on LinkedIn?

It can be challenging to announce your graduation, especially if you are unfamiliar with the platform. Many of us share a whole lot of posts during our studies, and it is totally sensible.

Doing so is one of the best ways to make people notice our progress and to do some self-branding. These posts usually continue until we successfully attain our degree, and that is when we are to announce our graduation.

It may not seem that important to announce that you have graduated, but it really is, especially for your career path.

Maybe some of your connections already have you in their mind for a position and are waiting for you to graduate and then offer you a job.

It is always hard to work with students, which may be why people prefer to employ the graduated ones. They need your new mind and talent, they will appreciate your updated knowledge, and they can set you in a full-time position.

This announcement tells everyone you are a knowledgeable new talent, ready to dive into the pool of experience. Which employer would not welcome a young talent?

You may think: “what the heck is she talking about? It is a very long and hard process to find a decent job right after getting graduated.” It is hard, I know.

My first job after graduation was an absolute nightmare, with extended hours and a minimum wage. Still, I did my best in that job and became an expert in it.

This built my reputation in that corporation and broadened my network, consisting of people who were willing to offer me some other position in that firm and of the customers I was working with within the marketing department, who were willing to offer me some positions in other companies after a while.


When you graduate, updating your profile ASAP is very important. If you chose “IT master’s student at Oxford University” as your headline, it is better to change it to IT engineer once you are graduated.

Also, choose an ending date for your studies to tell everyone that you successfully attained your degree and you are ready to occupy a decent role and start your professional career path.

Make an announcement. When you add an ending date for one of your degrees, the platform asks you if you want to share the news about getting graduated with your connections.

Click on the ‘next’ button to see a prepared announcement about graduating from your university/college, and there is this animation under it that is celebrating the event.

It is suggested to personalize the text of the announcement. Express that you are happy to reach your goal, and tell your connections about your major (it’s not like everyone can remember your field of interest).

It can also be very beneficial to talk a little about your thesis title if you have just got your master’s degree.

I found my first full-time position because of my thesis. Thankfully, you can choose who can see your post, so if you are a member of a group where you think there might be people there who can offer you some decent jobs, choose the option where the group members can also see your post.

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How to say you graduated on linkedin sample

I am delighted to announce that I have successfully graduated from [Name of University/Institution]! It has been an incredible journey filled with knowledge, growth, and unforgettable experiences. This achievement signifies a significant milestone in my educational journey and sets the foundation for my future endeavors.

I would like to express my gratitude to the exceptional faculty, mentors, and classmates who have supported and inspired me throughout my academic years. Their guidance and encouragement have played a vital role in shaping my skills and passion for [Field/Area of Study]. I am excited to apply the valuable knowledge and insights gained during my studies to contribute meaningfully to the [Industry/Field] and make a positive impact. Here’s to new beginnings and continued success! #Graduation #NewChapter

Should I post my graduation on LinkedIn

Posting your graduation on LinkedIn can be a great way to celebrate your achievement, showcase your educational qualifications, and share your accomplishments with your professional network. Here’s a straightforward perspective to consider:

Announcing your graduation on LinkedIn allows you to connect with colleagues, mentors, potential employers, and other professionals who may be interested in your educational background. It demonstrates your dedication, commitment, and the skills you have developed through your academic journey. Sharing this milestone can also attract new opportunities, such as job offers, networking connections, or collaborations with individuals who appreciate and value your educational achievements.

However, the decision to post your graduation on LinkedIn ultimately depends on your personal preferences and career goals. Consider your industry, target audience, and the relevance of your educational qualifications to your professional aspirations. If your graduation is a significant accomplishment that aligns with your career objectives, sharing it on LinkedIn can be a beneficial way to highlight your qualifications and engage with your network.


People may ask how to say you graduated on LinkedIn. It is just so easy to do so. Since the platform already gives you an announcement prepared card right when you set an end date for your education.

Tell everyone that you graduated to attract some good opportunities, but don’t get disappointed if the first job is not what you were expecting.

It is always hard to start, but you need to begin from somewhere; it doesn’t matter how hard it is!


How do you write a graduation message on Linkedin?

Writing a graduation message on LinkedIn is a great way to celebrate your educational achievements. Keep it professional and concise. Start by expressing your gratitude to your professors, peers, and anyone who supported you during your journey. Mention the degree you’ve earned and the institution you attended. Highlight any special accomplishments or experiences during your academic journey that you’re proud of. Conclude with a positive note about your future endeavors, whether it’s pursuing a career or further education. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional platform, so maintain a tone of professionalism and humility in your message.

How do you announce your graduation?

Announcing your graduation is a wonderful way to share your achievement with friends, family, and colleagues. Start by choosing a platform to make your announcement, such as social media or sending out graduation announcements. Craft a message that expresses your gratitude for the support you’ve received, whether it’s from family, friends, or mentors. Mention the degree you’ve earned and the institution you attended. You can also share your future plans or goals if you’d like. Add a personal touch to make it unique, like sharing a favorite quote or memory from your academic journey. Don’t forget to include photos from your graduation ceremony or a personal photoshoot to make your announcement visually appealing and memorable.

What is the headline for a recent graduate on LinkedIn?

As a recent graduate on LinkedIn, your headline should effectively communicate your professional aspirations and qualifications. It’s a brief opportunity to make a strong first impression. Consider including keywords related to your field of study, skills, and career goals. For example, your headline could be something like “Recent Marketing Graduate | Digital Marketing Enthusiast | Seeking Entry-Level Opportunities.” This headline highlights your academic achievement, area of interest, and your aim to kickstart your career. Remember, a well-crafted headline can help you stand out to potential employers and connections on LinkedIn.

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