Sometimes we’re so busy in our business that we forget from what date we started working. Since LinkedIn is the best and only business-oriented platform, it will remind you of your work anniversary and even you can know about the work anniversary of your connections.

As such, questions in this field may come to our mind, how to see my work anniversary on LinkedIn? Or is it possible to find out about the work anniversary of my LinkedIn connections?

Does LinkedIn announce my work anniversary and my connections’ work anniversary?

Work anniversaries are bound to happen on the LinkedIn platform due to its nature.

Some may say, what is the meaning of a working anniversary on LinkedIn?

When you sign up for LinkedIn and create your profile, you must have entered your current job in your Experience section. If you’ve worked in that job for more than a year, you’ve got a work anniversary.

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Having said that, LinkedIn will automatically send you and your connections notifications once a year on the date you specified as your start date in your profile.

However, a work anniversary is something that can naturally be forgotten. But with this LinkedIn feature, not only can you easily figure out about your work anniversary but also share it with your network on LinkedIn.

How to see my connections’ work anniversary on LinkedIn?

If you wish to congratulate your LinkedIn connections on their work anniversary, so how to see their work anniversary?

Although previously, you could see updates related to the work anniversary of your LinkedIn connections and network in your feed, which were automatically shared in the form of posts by LinkedIn.

But now your connections’ profile changes, such as hitting a professional milestone like a birthday & work anniversary, adding & editing a new or current job position, etc., won’t be displayed in your LinkedIn feed. Instead, these updates will be visible on your Notification page.

On top of that, the Activity section of your connection’s profile shows all their recent activities including recent posts and all recent changes they’ve made to their profile. Most importantly, you can see the work anniversary update of your connections in this section.

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Sometimes, your connections’ anniversary updates may not be indicated on your Notifications page.

That’s why they may have turned off the Share profile updates option. By disabling this option, notifications related to their profile changes will be removed for you.

It’s worth mentioning that in case of deactivating the sharing of profile changes, their Activity section won’t be hidden for you, as you can see their latest profile updates in this section.

How to see my work anniversary on LinkedIn?

To see your work anniversary, you must navigate to your Notification page.

If you want LinkedIn to remind you of your work anniversary on your Notifications page, keep in mind that turn on notifications of your work anniversary update on your LinkedIn settings page.

To turn off the option of sharing your profile updates, you can do the following two methods:

The first method:

1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and tap the View Profile tab in the pop-up window.

How to See My Work Anniversary on LinkedIn?

2. Scroll down to the Experience section of your LinkedIn profile.

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2. Click the pencil icon to edit your work experience.

How to See My Work Anniversary on LinkedIn?

3. In the Edit experience pop-up window, in the Notify network section, switch the toggle Off to On.

4. Click the Save button.

How to See My Work Anniversary on LinkedIn?

The second method:

1. Click the Me icon on your LinkedIn homepage.

2. In the drop-down menu, click the Settings & Privacy tab.

3. On the Settings page, click the Visibility option from the left box.

4. In the right box of the Visibility page, click on the option of Share profile updates with your network.

How to See My Work Anniversary on LinkedIn?

5. In the pop-up window of Sharing profile edits, in the Share key profile updates section, switch the on button.

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Final thoughts

In general, some good events like work anniversaries get forgotten, especially if you’re a freelancer with multiple current jobs who has multiple work anniversaries within one year.

Now, let’s back to the first question: How to see my work anniversary on LinkedIn? You definitely know the answer to it. The Notifications page is the best place to see work or birthday anniversary updates for you and your friends on LinkedIn.

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