As we all know, LinkedIn is a specialized social network that has brought together many professionals in various businesses worldwide. One of the best solutions for finding jobs, generating potential leads, interacting with your ideal business companies, etc. is to tag companies or people in your LinkedIn posts to get their attention. Now, how to tag companies on LinkedIn?

If you don’t know how to do this, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll highlight how you can tag companies in a post or photo on LinkedIn.

Posting on LinkedIn: How to tag companies?

As mentioned in Hyperise, tagging a company on LinkedIn posts can not only put greater visibility to your post but also allow a larger audience to engage with it but can also boost your chances of making more impressions, as well as creating more connections with companies.

LinkedIn lets you tag the names of people and organizations you like in your LinkedIn posts, comments, or photos.

It’s worth mentioning that tagging a company on LinkedIn builds hyperlinks so that members can click on them to go to the company’s profile.

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Furthermore, it’s interesting to know that tagging a company in the posts you publish on LinkedIn can be the best way to show your gratitude to the company that helped you solve your problem.

They’ll understand that you thanked them on a popular business-oriented platform, so company managers surely appreciate you.

Is it possible to tag a company name in a LinkedIn post or photo? We confidently say yes, in this way you need to log in to your LinkedIn account and do the following steps:

Step 1: On your LinkedIn homepage, click the Start a post box.

How to Tag Companies on LinkedIn 7259 1 How to Tag Companies on LinkedIn?

Step 2: Type the @ symbol and then start typing the name of your target company in the box.

How to Tag Companies on LinkedIn?

Step 3: Click on the name of the company you’re looking for from the list of names when it appears.

Step 4: Click the Post button.

How to Tag Companies on LinkedIn?

Posting a photo on LinkedIn: How to tag companies?

In addition to tagging companies in the text of your LinkedIn post, you can tag them in the photos of your posts. Here’s how:

1. Click the Photo icon in the Start a post box at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

2. Upload the images you want to share.

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3. Click on the Tag button from the pop-up window to Edit your photo. Then click anywhere on the uploaded photo.

4. Type the name of the company you’d like to tag and then select its name from the list of names.

How to Tag Companies on LinkedIn?

5. If you want to add alt text to describe the content of your photo, click Alt. text and after entering your text, click the Save and Done buttons.

How to Tag Companies on LinkedIn?

6. After finishing the process of tagging the company in the image, click Post.

How to Tag Companies on LinkedIn?

What happens once you tag companies in your LinkedIn posts?

Once you tag a company or someone in posts or photos on LinkedIn, they’ll receive an email and a message from LinkedIn that they’ve been mentioned in a post or photo.

This assures that the companies you’ve tagged in your post will definitely notice your mention and you’ll get an opportunity to introduce yourself to them, as well as they’ll respond to you in this regard if they wish to see your profile and your introduction post.

Why do you sometimes find it difficult and boring to tag a company page in a LinkedIn post?

If you’ve ever tagged a company page in your LinkedIn post, you may have sometimes run into trouble.

This will take a great deal of time if you’ve forgotten your target company’s LinkedIn ID or page.

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To mention a company page or LinkedIn profile in a LinkedIn post, you often need to know the name of the page before starting your post.

Therefore, you should attempt to get accurate information about the company you wish to tag. That’s why it may be harder for you to uncover a company URL.

How to find a company’s LinkedIn page?

It’s no matter of concern! We introduce to you the online intelligent LinkedIn profile finder tool that provides you with the largest company database of accurate contact data worldwide.

How to Tag Companies on LinkedIn?

With the CUFinder LinkedIn profile URL finder, you don’t need to waste a lot of time, energy, and money to search for the exact LinkedIn URL or a company page. Just give the name, domain, or email of the companies. In a second, you’ll grab thorough data about the companies, including their websites, emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and other social media profiles.

In a nutshell

We return to the first question: How to tag companies on LinkedIn? As you know tagging company names in posts, photos, and comments on LinkedIn is fairly easy. In such a way that simply type @ and the company’s name. Then select it from the appeared list. In the end, click Post. That’s it. You did it successfully! Isn’t that so?

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