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You can trust the India company database of CUF in which millions of Indian businesses are recorded that can be selected based on category and industry.

Millions of companies are registered in India and active in various industries. How to find the companies in one of these industries? For instance, how can we find computer and data processing services in India? What about agricultural companies?

Many marketers search keywords like “Indian agricultural companies” or “agricultural businesses in India” or any other similar phrases in Google to find them.

But how much time is needed for this method? How many days and weeks are required to find hundreds of them? Is the result reliable? Can you check the whole data on the internet? Of course, this is just a boring, invalid, and very time-consuming process through which you just waste your energy and time.

This is the best way to boost marketing and say goodbye to old methods of company detection.

How does the India company database of CUF work?

First of all click on “Database” on the left side of your CUF Dashboard. Then choose India as the country and any category of companies that you need. In the below example, the chosen industry is “Accounting”.

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As you see there are 7802 Indian companies active in the accounting category and some of them are shown as the top results. The whole list of companies can be purchased and downloaded in a few seconds and with no pause.

India company database, Download India company list

What information is given about the Indian companies?

Through the India company database of CUF, you can get the address and location of companies as well as their website addresses, phone numbers, and emails. Also, their profiles on social networks are available (Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter).

India company database, Download India company list

How many companies are recorded in the India company database of CUF?

Around 2.5 million Indian businesses and companies of any type and any size are recorded in the CUF India company database.

All this data is verified and checked and is updated constantly. Dissolved companies are removed from the CUF source and new companies are added daily.

How many categories are supported by the CUF India company database?

Company URL Finder supports and covers 427 companies’ categories and industries. It means that all Indian companies and enterprises active in different 427 types and categories are recorded in the CUF India company database. You can see some of these categories in the below picture.

India company database, Download India company list

India is full of millions of companies!? Don’t worry! We help you to find the ones you need!

CUF India company database with valid and reliable data and the highest possible speed in providing the results are ready to give you as many companies’ contacts and data as you wish in seconds.

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You have access to lists of real and valid leads and customers for marketing purposes. Also, it can be a helpful method of accessing competitors’ information to analyze their performance and activities. CUF helps you to enrich marketing data for efficient marketing analysis. TRUST & TRY!

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