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Company URL Finder has designed and created a comprehensive Indonesia company database. All types and sizes of Indonesian companies and businesses are recorded in this database.

The Indonesia company database of CUF supports 427 different company industries like professional training, education, real estate, textiles, ranching, publishing, utilities, plastics, public safety, Internet, computer games, research, retail, and so many other ones.

How many companies are recorded in the CUF Indonesia company database?

Around 800,000 companies of different sizes are stored in the CUF Indonesia company database. Various businesses active in Indonesia are covered. It includes both small and large companies, from newly established startups to medium and large enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that every new company registered in Indonesia is added to this database as it is checked daily. Even resolved companies are removed from the list fast.

How to work with CUF Indonesia company database?

After signing up on the CUF website which takes two minutes, enter the CUF dashboard and click on the database on the left side. Then choose Indonesia as the country and one company category as the industry.

There are 427 companies’ industries on the list and the user can select any of them he likes. In real-time and immediately, the CUF Indonesia company database finds the relevant information and the user can download the results in an excel file.

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This is the most comprehensive Indonesia company database in the world with verified and accurate data which acts in real-time and with no latency. The below picture shows that there are 2319 companies active in the arts and crafts industry in Indonesia.

Indonesia Company Database, Download Indonesia Company Database

As you see 244 of these companies have website addresses and only one of them has 1 profile on LinkedIn.

Other company databases of CUF are ready too!

CUF has other company databases too. It means that it has a company database for any country you want like USA company database, China company database, India company database, UK company database, France company database, Japan company database, South Korea company database, South Africa company database and so many. It supports all European, American, Australian, African, and Asian countries as well as 427 companies’ industries.

Immediate accurate results!

The process of lead generation in the CUF Indonesia company database happens in real-time and with no error and no latency. Almost 98% of the given results are accurate and real. It is the best strategy to generate leads for marketers and data scientists.

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