Ireland Company Database

Ireland Ireland Company DatabaseCompany Database

CUF Ireland company database has recorded the contacts and information of all types of companies that are active in Ireland. It can be private or governmental, small or big, and any other type.

Company URL Finder is a great and error-free tool created to find and collect the data of companies registered in Ireland and any other country the user wishes.

By contacts, we mean the companies’ emails, website URLs, phone numbers, and LinkedIn pages. It is the most complete source of Ireland companies’ data found nowhere!

How many companies are recorded in the CUF Ireland company database?

Around 130,000 companies in different types and sizes are saved in the CUF Ireland company database. The companies recorded in this database may be small, medium or large. They may be private or governmental and are active in one the 427 industries stored in CUF.

These industries include agriculture, animation, farming, fishery, paper and forest products, online media, packaging and containers, wireless, utilities, internet, marketing, military, retail, mining and metals, chemical industry and so many others.

How to extract data from the CUF Ireland company database?

First sign up in CUF in only two minutes and then go to database in left side of your dashboard. Sign up process is so easy and happens fast just by entering your email address and name.

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Then in database page, select Ireland as the country and one industry as the company category. In bellow picture, wholesale has been chosen.  

Ireland Company Database

After clicking on Find Companies, the results are shown as follow. As you see around 3709 companies are registered in Ireland which are working as wholesale businesses. 48 of them have websites and 37 of them have LinkedIn profiles. To purchase the complete list, 370.90 $ must be paid to CUF.

Ireland Company Database

Also for any new search, the data of 10 companies are given free of charge as the sample to see the quality and speed.

Ireland Company Database

Generate Ireland leads faster and more accurately!

CUF is the easiest method of lead generation in the shortest possible time. The Ireland company database of CUF can collect the information and contacts of companies in seconds and with no latency. Their emails, domains, LinkedIn profiles, and phone numbers are given rapidly and instantly.

Marketing can become faster and more reliable if you trust CUF tools which support not only Ireland but also all countries. Accurate, fast, and affordable!

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