Jamaica Company Database

Jamaica Company Database

If you are looking for Jamaica Company Database for marketing and business purposes, you are reading the true article! The Jamaica company database of CUF is our suggestion. It is a great and well-known tool of Company URL Finder which is provided to find the companies registered in various countries including Jamaica.

Jamaica company database of CUF pays attention to data accuracy, high speed, and data comprehensiveness. So its database of companies includes all types and sizes of Jamaican companies from any small company to large enterprises.

The speed of data providing and verification is so high and everything happens in minutes and in real time. 98% data accuracy rate of the results is also very important which leads marketers and data scientists to real and valid data and sends them far away from time wasting and energy loss.

How many companies are recorded in CUF Jamaica company database?

There are around 40,000 companies of different types and sizes recorded in the Jamaica company database of CUF. This is of course the most complete source of Jamaican companies in the world that can help any marketing team and data scientist to complete their CRMs with true contacts and information about businesses in Jamaica.

It is important to mention that 427 companies’ industries are supported in CUF from retail and shopping to manufacturing and building. Some of these 427 industries are seen in the below picture.

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Jamaica Company Database

How does the CUF Jamaica company database provide the data?

Enter CUF Dashboard and click on “Database” on the left side. Then you see the below boxes and you should choose Jamaica and one industry to start the search, for instance as you see below, “Arts and Crafts” are selected as the required industry.

Jamaica Company Database

After clicking on “find Companies’ which is in an orange box, the results are shown in minutes. There are 50 companies in Jamaica that are active in the “Arts and Crafts” industry. 16 of them have website addresses and none of them have LinkedIn pages.

Jamaica Company Database

Also, 10 companies’ data are provided free of charge for any new search. This feature is not limited and free results are given every time you search a new industry.

Jamaica Company Database

What companies’ data are recorded in Jamaica company database of CUF?

The Jamaica company database of CUF provides the emails, phone numbers, website addresses, and LinkedIn URLs of Jamaican companies in real time with an accuracy rate of 98%!

In other words when you search the list of Jamaican companies registered as “Building and Construction”, their names and contacts including email, phone number, domain, and LinkedIn profile are demonstrated instantly and can be purchased and downloaded in an excel file.

The list of Jamaican companies of CUF updates every day and new data is added.  

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