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We recommend you to use the Japan company database of CUF provided to detect and collect the companies’ data and contact of Japanese companies.

Finding Japanese companies for business, marketing, and market analysis purposes is not an easy task. It will be time-consuming and a tedious process if you want to find and collect the data of thousands of companies. What should you do to find them? Google or Yahoo search? Web searching just wastes your time and energy and misleads you from the major goals of your business.

CUF Japan company database is complete and comprehensive with millions of companies’ data. It is rapid in data extraction and verification and guarantees 98% data accuracy.

How to work with Japan company database of CUF

First, enter the dashboard and click on Database on the left side of the dashboard. Then choose Japan as the country and one industry as the company category. The below example shows that the user chose “Accounting” as the industry. The result includes 6741 companies in Japan that are active in the accounting industry.

Japan Company Database, Download Japan Company Database List

392 of these companies have website URLs and 83 of them have LinkedIn profiles. The offered price is around 674$. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can download and purchase the list in real time!

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How many companies are recorded in the Japan company database of CUF?

Around 1.4 million companies and businesses were recorded in the CUF company database for Japan. This is the most complete and reliable Japanese company database in the world created by Company URL Finder at the best prices to help startups and any small business.

Does CUF support other countries too?

Yes! All European, American, Australian, and Asian countries are supported by CUF. Japan company database of CUF is only a small part of this big database. Totally 250 million companies and businesses are recorded in the company database of CUF.

Can we find companies of different industries in the CUF Japan company database?

Sure! Japan company database of CUF includes 427 types of companies and businesses. It means that the user (as mentioned in previous parts) can choose one or more industries and Japan as the country to find and collect their names and contacts.

Companies’ LinkedIn profiles, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, website address, blog URL, location, address, emails, and phone numbers are provided by the CUF Japan company database.

98% data accuracy!

The whole recorded information of companies in the Japan company database of CUF is verified and correct. They are checked several times through various verification algorithms.

By CUF Japan company database, you have access to real clients. It is the best and the most helpful way of lead generation and a good method for market analysis.

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