CUF Jordan Company Database contains thousands of companies working in Jordan. How do marketers find the Jordan SMEs and enterprises for marketing purposes and selling products and services?

If you look for Jordan companies active in a certain industry, is it logical to search in Google or other search engines to find their contacts?

The Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply in Jordan maintains an official company database known as the Companies Control Department, providing information on registered companies in Jordan.

Of course, Googling can help you, but it wastes lots of time and energy. How many hours do you or your employees need to find the contacts of thousands of Jordan companies?

If you find an automatic tool for collecting the data of Jordan companies, will you try it? Company URL Finder has created a Jordan company database for any user in any part of the world.

Anywhere you are, you can sign up in CUF in two minutes and then extract the contacts of Jordan companies in real-time and with 98% data accuracy.

How many Jordan companies are recorded in the CUF Jordan company database?

The data and contacts of around 50,000 Jordan companies are recorded in Company URL Finder! Their emails, phone numbers, domains, and LinkedIn profiles are given by the CUF Jordan company database.

This is almost the most complete Jordan company database in the world, which not only consists of companies’ names and their full list of contacts.

How to work with Jordan’s company database of CUF?

Sign up in CUF from Here (sign up link) just by entering your name and email, then go to the dashboard and click on the database on the left side. Select Jordan and one company industry to see the contacts of the relevant companies in real-time.

Jordan Company Database

The results are demonstrated in only a few seconds with no pause. It is the fastest Jordan company database in the world, found nowhere! As you see below, 85 companies are active in the chosen industry: Accounting. 53 of them have websites, and 28 of them have LinkedIn addresses.

Jordan Company Database

Ten free results are also given for any new search as follows. New results are not limited and are given for any new search. This is a good chance to check the quality of the results.

Jordan Company Database

Lead generation is easier than ever!

The process of lead generation happens fast and with no pause in CUF. Jordan company database is only one of the tools of CUF. Moreover, it has provided various company databases supporting all countries and continents, from the China and USA company databases to the European and African company databases.

It is important to mention that the gathered data by CUF is accurate and verified, so you can trust it and be sure that it connects you with real buyers of your products or services. Easily and fast generate Jordan leads at the best affordable prices!

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Related Questions & Answers

Jordan company registry search

The Jordan company registry search refers to the process of accessing information about registered companies in Jordan. The official body responsible for maintaining the company registry in Jordan is the Companies Control Department (CCD), which operates under the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply. The CCD is tasked with registering new companies, maintaining company records, and providing public access to company information.

To conduct a company registry search in Jordan, individuals or businesses can visit the CCD’s website or access their physical office. The registry search allows users to find details about a company, including its name, registration number, legal status, registered address, directors, and shareholders. This information is important for various purposes, such as due diligence, business transactions, and legal compliance.

The Jordan company registry search is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals interested in conducting business in Jordan. It provides transparency and access to reliable information about registered companies, facilitating informed decision-making and promoting a trustworthy business environment in the country.

Jordan companies

Jordan is home to a diverse range of companies across various industries. The country has a thriving business environment with both local and international companies operating within its borders. Some notable sectors in Jordan’s business landscape include information technology, pharmaceuticals, tourism, financial services, manufacturing, and renewable energy.

In terms of local companies, there are numerous well-established businesses in Jordan that have made significant contributions to the economy. These include companies like Arab Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the region, Hikma Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical company, and Zain Jordan, a prominent telecommunications provider. Additionally, Jordan has also attracted foreign investment, leading to the presence of multinational companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Siemens, which have established a strong presence in the country.

Overall, the companies in Jordan reflect the country’s commitment to economic growth and diversification. They play a crucial role in driving innovation, creating employment opportunities, and contributing to the development of various sectors in the country.

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