The LinkedIn Insights Analyst Interview: the questions

So, you are a data analyst/an HR employee who is going to hire a data analyst, are you wondering about a LinkedIn insight analyst interview? Do you know what you should do? What to ask or what questions you’ll be expected to answer? What will they assess in such interviews? These are some of the most important things that every data analyst and employer might ask when they are going to hire or want to get hired.

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LinkedIn Insights Analyst Interview

Data analysts need to have a lot of different skills like SQL, python, A/B testing, algorithms, product metrics, etc. for different data analyst jobs like senior analyst, media data products, asset data analyst, chief analyst – enrollment management data, market research & analytics analyst (competitive & category insights), etc. in order for you to get ready for the interview, I decided to provide you with some questions that are to be asked in these interviews, why should they be asked and what key points you need to mention or wait for to hear.

A LinkedIn Insights Analyst interview typically involves assessing a candidate's ability to analyze data, generate insights, and communicate their findings to inform data-driven business decisions. During the interview process, you may be asked a combination of behavioral, technical, and case-based questions that gauge your analytical skills, industry knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and experience working with data tools and platforms. 

What to ask in a LinkedIn insights analyst interview?

What tools have you used before, for statistical analysis? Or what are your favorite tools and why do you think they are better than the others?

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Why should you ask or answer this question? Data analysis needs a whole lot of different tools and it is important for the candidates to be able to work with some of them, but the more important thing is that the candidates must be eager to learn and be able to adapt to new tools since they are developed by the day and newer tools are rolled out every year. There are some skills that every data analyst must have, for example, they must know the current dominant data language, SQL and they need to know python, to begin with.

LinkedIn Insights Analyst Interview

How would you measure business performance and what data do you think are the most important ones?

It is one of the data analysts’ tasks to measure the company’s performance that they are working for. So they should know what to ask as an analyst and what indicators they need to consider to do it.

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What is the best method for data cleaning? Please explain the steps.

Data cleaning is one of the most critical steps in increasing data quality, and the experts will never skip it. Uncleaned data can be misleading and a waste of time. As a candidate, it is suggested to list the best practices available, like sorting the data into different categories or breaking the larger databases to speed up the iteration. You should also be able to include details about why you think it is the ideal method.

LinkedIn Insights Analyst Interview

Can you tell me about an occasion where you showed good data sense?

It is very important for a data analyst to recognize the things that are off in a chart or table. This sense will develop through experience, deep understanding, and talent for statistics. So if it is very important for you to employ a top data analyst, ask this question and listen for the hints that are showing that the candidates can manage these situations.

What was your most challenging data project and how did you handle it?

Practice makes perfect. Every data analyst will encounter some huge challenges sooner or later and it is very important for them to be able to manage them. Every data project can get complicated and if you are looking for top-notch candidates, this question is so critical.

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Have you ever designed an experiment? How did you measure its success?

All of the data analysts launch some experiments to define the success of a campaign. These experiments are the things that direct the company’s marketing strategies for better results. Although maybe some candidates never did such a huge experiments, they still need to understand the logic behind this question. As the interviewee, it is very important to be able to explain the objective of the experiment.

LinkedIn Insights Analyst Interview

How would you explain what data analysts do, in simple terms?

It is said that when you cannot explain something in simple terms to other people, you do not understand it yourself. Data analysts work with different staff to collect the data they need for their assessments, and some of them might have no idea about these analysts’ jobs. They need to be able to explain different things in simple words to make an effective bridge to collect and complete their databases.


There are still so many other questions you might want to ask, like why they chose data analysis or what the common soft skills are for data analysts. But the questions above are the must-be-asked ones. So now that you know what to ask in a LinkedIn insight analyst interview, I think you are ready to hire some perfect talents, right?

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