How many times a day do you send SMS, emails, messages on Instagram PV, or messages on LinkedIn? We live in an era where writing has practically replaced spoken words. Well, apart from our grandmothers and grandfathers, who has time to talk face-to-face or on the phone these days? We live in very busy times, so we may have to talk to tens or hundreds of people in a day, and texting is certainly a much faster way than picking up the phone and calling each other.

Does LinkedIn have read receipts?

Yes, LinkedIn has read receipts. LinkedIn read receipts are notifications that indicate when someone has read a message you've sent them on LinkedIn. Similarly, when you receive a message on LinkedIn, the sender will receive a notification when you have read the message.

Does LinkedIn have read receipts?

Well, whether you are in sales, a secretary, a manager of a multinational holding, or you just want to send a message to your loved ones, it is important to make sure that the message arrives and that they have read or seen it.

Verbal communication is the thing that separates humans from animals, and thanks to the advancement of technology, this communication has become shallower now. I mean, for example, in the past decades, marketers would even ask about your sick grandmother, because it took them so long to convince you to trust them and buy something from them. Well, now it’s rare that marketers even remember that you have a grandmother because their prospects are so much larger thanks to social media and they’re constantly adding more people to their prospecting database. Let’s forget about those marketers, take a look at your friendships! We all have many virtual friends, most of the time much more than our real friends these days, people we don’t know at all: and we all know we need interaction to maintain these shallow relationships.

LinkedIn is one of the best and most popular social media platforms and of course, the most professional one of them, Considering. Now, why professional? Because its nature is focused on work, expertise, business, etc. So it is not odd to say that the messages sent on this platform, whether regular messages, InMail, etc., are probably more important than the messages you send on Facebook or TikTok. For this reason, it may be very important to you whether that person has read the message or not. Now, the question is, does LinkedIn have a read receipt like Telegram Messenger, WhatsApp, and other platforms? The short answer is yes, it does.

Does LinkedIn have read receipts?

Once upon a time, SMS was so popular and people used to send messages to at least a few people with their feature phones almost every day. Yahoo Messenger became popular after that, and people started talking to each other in different chat rooms. After that, with the emergence of Facebook, social networks entered our lives and it didn’t take long for us to start sending messages through them. So, sending messages has always been somehow important, I will tell you the why and the how later, but it has always been important for us to know whether the recipient has seen our message or not. Do you remember that little delivery tick in SMS? Have you seen the ticks in Telegram and WhatsApp? Or the seen sign in Instagram PV? All of these are read receipts. Well, since we live in a virtual world, it is important for us just like in the real world when we talk, our target audience must listen and pay attention to what we are saying. This may be more important for people on LinkedIn because of the very nature of this platform.

What does a LinkedIn read receipt look like? That little tick next to your last message says that your message is delivered and when the recipient reads it, their profile picture appears in the right bottom corner of your last message, which is your read receipt. Just move your cursor on that little picture to see a pop-up message that informs you that the other person has read your message in X date and X time. Well, that is how to know if someone read your message on LinkedIn, but what is all the fuss over messaging? Why is it so important?

Why is messaging important on LinkedIn?

Okay, now that you know Linkedin has a receipt, let’s see what’s all the fuss about messaging. Why do we always seek to send a message to others? As I said, we have replaced texting with talking for some time. This did not happen over the last one or two years, even when the telegraph was popular, some people used to send messages to each other instead of having long meetings. After all, interaction is the main condition for human society’s existence, even if it is a short piece of writing.

Not to mention that when you’re connecting with people who live in different geographical locations on LinkedIn, physical interaction can get very hard, if not impossible. In addition, it has been proven that the response rate of LinkedIn messages is three times higher than email, so why waste our time on meetings or even emails?

Why is messaging important on LinkedIn?

Messaging is a tool that people use to communicate with, in the age of communication, and maybe that’s the reason why in the last few years, even with the possibility of video calls and even voice messages, we gave up text messaging. Especially in professional social media like LinkedIn, these messages can be very helpful in many cases. For example, to communicate with people you don’t know, recruiters you would like to communicate with and engrave your name in their mind, and mentors you want to learn from, leads you to think they have the most benefit for your business.

Of course, even these messages have limitations. For example, you can only send free messages to your 1st-degree connections. So what about the rest? In this case, either the person’s profile must be public, or you can use the InMail option. You must use the paid version of LinkedIn to use the InMail option. Maybe someone is using the basic version, what should they do in that case? Well, you can always extract their email addresses from LinkedIn, of course, since most of Linkedin users usually limit their contact info visibility, it is better to go to email-finding services like CUFinder, especially if you are completing your CRM.

Anyways, you can always count on the LinkedIn platform for a convenient and effective connection, and experience has proven that the messages that people receive on social networks attract their attention much more and obviously have a higher response rate. To be able to message more people, the best way is to expand your connections network.

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Although we said that LinkedIn messages are very efficient for communicating with high-quality leads, you should know that these messages are not a place for marketing and selling products. We’ve always said multiple times, that based on various surveys, people are much more likely to buy something that was introduced to them by someone they know, that’s exactly what you must do with LinkedIn Messages, building trust.

LinkedIn is a professional community with over 870 million members, so you have a wide variety of opportunities. You can connect with different people and get to know them, you can even put some strangers in a messaging group, introduce them to each other and have your own professional network. You can also talk to people in real time with this messaging system.

In fact, the connection rate of LinkedIn requests is so high that it is easy to cope with the limitation of the degree of connections for messaging. Add engagement factors such as showing reactions and leaving comments under people’s posts to see perfect results. You will also increase the response rate of your messages with this. DMs are one of my best and most popular tools for maintaining warm leads and building online relationships on LinkedIn.

Well, now that we’re talking about messages on LinkedIn, it wouldn’t hurt to talk a little about InMail as well. This model of LinkedIn PMs has various advantages and disadvantages. The first thing that might concern anyone is its high price. Unlike normal LinkedIn messages, which are free, this one can be a luxurious thing to use. Of course, depending on the type of paid account you have, you will have a limited number of InMails each month, but when you use them and want to buy more credits, you need to be careful with your wallet.

But while it’s expensive, what makes many people use LinkedIn InMails is that you won’t have a limit on whom you can message. It doesn’t matter if they are your second or third-degree connections or if they are completely out of your network, with InMail you can contact them easily.

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Another reason why users like this service is the high response rate to these messages. Well, when it comes to B2B marketing, InMail has a higher response rate than other messaging types. This rate is between 10 and 25%, which is almost 300% more than emails with the same content. But why? Experts believe that there are many reasons for this higher rate. For example, we all know that not everyone uses InMail. Your inbox may receive dozens of emails a day or dozens of people may send you messages on LinkedIn a day (especially if you have a lot of connections). But when it comes to InMail, few people use it because of its price and limited number. However, these messages are too expensive to use for spam.

For this reason, InMails attract more attention than normal messages, because that one must have had an important message that he/she used such an expensive tool. Plus, statistics show that when you send InMail (especially for marketers), both prospects and ordinary people are encouraged to review your company page and profile. What is the best way to attract people to your brand and guide them in the prospecting funnel? They get to know you, and probably solve one or two of their problems by reading and watching your content, and very soon (according to the content you publish on your website and company page) they may also buy from you.

How to turn off read receipts on LinkedIn?

Have you seen that little typing indicator while your audience is writing to you on LinkedIn messages? That is called the tying indicator and many people would not mind if they could turn that and the read receipts off on LinkedIn. If you do want to know how to read LinkedIn messages without being seen, just turn the receipt off.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click the ‘Me’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  3. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.
  4. Click Data privacy on the left pane.
  5. Under the Messaging experience section,
  6. Click on Read receipts and typing indicators.
  7. toggle it off.
How to turn off read receipts on LinkedIn?

Under Delivery indicators, switch the toggle to the right or left to turn this feature On or Off. But is it all right to turn the read receipt off?

This question is like Shakespeare’s “to be or not to be”, which has no definite answer, so I will express my opinion here. I remember mobile phones from when they were the size of a thick book. Of course, when I got my first mobile phone, it was a small feature phone. Anyway, I learned that I should use the phone or computer only for my comfort and peace. I am not obligated to answer just because someone calls me or sends me a message. Maybe the society etiquettes turning off the read receipt as rude, but in my opinion, it’s often very smart. The person who messages me doesn’t pay for my internet or my rent, so he/she does not have a say in this matter.

In fact, I believe that it is more impolite to tell someone that you read their message with a receipt but are not going to reply instantly. I have many reasons to keep my LinkedIn read receipt off and I am going to share some of them with you.

The first reason is what I said above. I think it is very impolite to read someone’s message and let them know that you have read their message but not going to reply for a while. In my opinion, if you are a person who is too busy to answer LinkedIn messages, you just don’t have time to answer or you don’t log into your account that often, you should definitely turn off the read receipt of LinkedIn messages. Well, we all need space sometimes and sometimes we don’t want to answer professional and non-professional messages for a while.

Maybe you want to teach someone a good lesson by ignoring their message on LinkedIn. Well, it can do the opposite. When your profile picture appears under the message and you don’t respond to it, it’s as if you’re telling them that I’m thinking about answering your message. If this is the case, it is better to turn off the receipt, this way you will make that person feel ignored. Because how long is it going to take to give a short answer, you are not going to deliver a thousand-page edited novel in response to their short message.

How to turn off read receipts on LinkedIn?

However, sometimes when you turn off the read receipt of LinkedIn messages, some people get encouraged to send you the same message over and over again, and unfortunately one of my friends is exactly like that. Well, I asked the exact same question on Twitter and got some interesting answers. For example, Victoria Song, a 31-year-old consumer tech reporter at Gizmodo told me via DM that she’s not the biggest fan of reading receipts. “Sometimes, people get so addicted to getting a response they text you a zillion times,” she said. Then, no it is not rude in my opinion and it can actually be a perfect way when you don’t want to answer a message for any kind of reason.

How to make sure people will read your LinkedIn messages?

Well, it’s not like, for example, before LinkedIn, people couldn’t send messages to each other on social media platforms, Facebook was the first one to provide this possibility. However, LinkedIn is currently considered one of the most popular social media, and at the same time, its nature makes us consider it more of a business platform than a social media. Well, that’s why we try to reach different people on it and LinkedIn messages are the best way to reach different people. It is precisely for this reason that we want to know how to make sure that our audience reads the message. Let me be honest, there is no way to guarantee that the recipient will read the message. But there are always ways to increase the likelihood that your message will attract their attention on LinkedIn.

Fortunately or unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn’t have the everyday atmosphere of Instagram, at least not normally, I love it so much because of its professional nature. Usually, the messages sent on this platform are related to business. But not everyone is supposed to be in constant contact only with partners, mentors, interviewers, job seekers, etc. I personally send messages to my colleagues every day. For example, in my last message on LinkedIn yesterday, I asked the main accountant of the company to send me the balance sheet of the company.

How to make sure people will read your LinkedIn messages?

Now, I have some suggestions that can increase the probability of your LinkedIn messages being read. First, send regular messages to your target audience. Well, we’ve all received at least one or two spam if we’ve been on LinkedIn even for a short time. That’s why people can easily mistake your message for those spasms when you haven’t been in contact with them for a long time, especially if they are from those busy people who receive dozens and maybe even hundreds of LinkedIn messages every day.

The next suggestion is to use the auto-reply suggestion. When your read receipt is on, the person who sent you a message expects you to reply. These ready, polite, and short expressions can help you a lot especially when you are busy. When you quickly reply to anyone’s message (from a company, colleague to friend, etc.) with a polite phrase, it makes them urge to respond quickly after seeing that you have sent them a message, it’s just an instinct.

Another way is to send voice and video messages. Well, people have always preferred audio and video over text, and it’s not surprising if we claim that the same is true for messages. You can send photos and videos both via LinkedIn mobile and desktop, but voice messages can only be sent via mobile at the moment.


As humans have always craved to send messages to each other, whether it was when we communicated with smoke, when we used to send letters, or when we used to send short sentences by telegraph until now that social networks have conquered our whole lives. Every day, a large number of messages are exchanged in these virtual communities, and it can be said that LinkedIn messages are one of the most important types of them. We always want to make sure that our audience has received and read our message on LinkedIn and of course other platforms because we often wait for a response from them on LinkedIn. We need a LinkedIn Read Receipt exactly for this reason. However, this feature is very annoying sometimes, so much so that I always keep it off. It is your choice to turn this LinkedIn feature on or off. But keep in mind that when you turn it off, neither your contact will receive a receipt nor yourself, it’s your call.

Related Questions

What does the check mark mean on LinkedIn messages?

The check mark on LinkedIn messages is a visual indicator that a message has been sent and delivered. When you send a message on LinkedIn, a small gray check mark will appear next to the message to indicate that it has been sent. Once the message has been delivered to the recipient’s LinkedIn inbox, the gray check mark will turn into a solid white check mark.

The check mark can be a useful tool for tracking the status of your messages and ensuring that they have been successfully delivered. However, it’s important to note that just because a message has been delivered doesn’t necessarily mean that it has been read or that the recipient will respond. It’s still important to use LinkedIn messaging strategically and ensure that your message is relevant and valuable to the recipient to increase the likelihood of a response.

LinkedIn InMail read receipt

LinkedIn InMail read receipts are notifications that indicate when someone has read an InMail message you’ve sent them on LinkedIn. When you send an InMail, you will receive a notification when the recipient has read the message. Similarly, when you receive an InMail on LinkedIn, the sender will receive a notification when you have read the message.

Read receipts can be a useful tool for tracking the engagement of your InMail messages and determining whether or not someone is interested in what you have to say. However, it’s important to remember that not all LinkedIn users have read receipts enabled, and even if someone has read your InMail, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will respond. It’s still important to use LinkedIn messaging strategically and ensure that your message is relevant and valuable to the recipient to increase the likelihood of a response.

Does LinkedIn have profile views?

Yes, LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to see who has viewed your LinkedIn profile. When someone views your LinkedIn profile, you will receive a notification with details about the viewer, such as their name, job title, and company.

The profile views feature can be a useful tool for tracking the engagement of your LinkedIn profile and identifying potential networking opportunities. However, it’s important to note that not all LinkedIn users have this feature enabled, and some may choose to view your profile anonymously. Additionally, it’s important to use your LinkedIn profile strategically and ensure that it accurately represents your professional experience and skills to increase the likelihood of engagement from potential connections.


Can you tell if someone has read your message on LinkedIn?

Yes, LinkedIn has a feature known as read receipts. When you send a message and the recipient reads it, a blue checkmark appears next to the message. If the checkmark remains gray, the message hasn’t been read. This provides insight into whether your message has been viewed.

Can you turn off read receipts on LinkedIn?

Yes, LinkedIn allows users to disable read receipts. By turning off this feature, you prevent others from knowing when you’ve read their messages. However, this also means you won’t see when others have read your messages. This setting can be adjusted in the privacy settings of your LinkedIn account.

How do I turn on read receipts?

To turn on read receipts, navigate to your LinkedIn account settings, then to the “Privacy” tab. Under “How others see your LinkedIn activity,” find the option for “Read receipts and typing indicators” and switch it to ‘Yes.’ This will allow you to see when others have read your messages and vice versa.

Can I turn off read receipts?

Absolutely, read receipts can be turned off on various platforms, including LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, go to your settings, select the “Privacy” tab, and look for “Read receipts and typing indicators.” Switching this option to ‘No’ will deactivate the feature, ensuring others can’t see when you’ve read their messages and you won’t see when they’ve read yours.

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