Asia is the largest and most populous continent. Asia is the home of Russia and China, and India’s are populous country. It covers approximately 30% of the earth’s land area and roughly 60% of the world’s total population.

Of course, 60% of the total population of the globe has the most number of companies and businesses! Millions of small to medium-sized and large enterprises are active and registered in Asia.

Finding a certain company in a big country like China or India is like finding a needle in a haystack! What can be done if you have to find hundreds or thousands of companies related to a certain industry? Searching the web? Googling?

Searching Google, Yahoo, or other search engines is just a way of wasting time and energy! This method is helpful when you want to find just a few numbers of companies.

It cannot be done by collecting the names and contacts of thousands or millions of businesses. So what should we do to find the list of companies in Asia?

The newest tool called Company URL Finder (CUF) is the most reliable and the best way to view many marketers.

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CUF has a complete and up-to-date database that has recorded a list of companies in Asia. It is worth mentioning that the list of companies in Asia stored in CUF has become updated weekly and with no pause.

You can be sure that newly registered companies are added to this list, and dissolved businesses are deleted weekly.

How many Asian companies are recorded in the Asia company database of CUF?

The CUF list of companies in Asia has millions of business names and contacts. The number of companies recorded in some of the Asian countries is as follows:

  • China: around 3 million
  • India: around 2.5 million
  • UAE: around 200,000
  • Qatar: around 20,000
  • Bangladesh: around 110,000
  • Uzbekistan: around 120,000
  • Turkmenistan: around 4,500
  • Kuwait: around 16,000
  • Oman: around 2,600
  • Israel: around 153,000
  • South Korea: around 150,000
  • Japan: around 1.4 million
  • Indonesia: around 730,000
  • Thailand: around 302,000
  • Singapore: around 122,000
  • Vietnam: around 468,000
  • Pakistan: around 264,000
  • Afghanistan: around 18,000
  • Bahrain: around 13,000
  • Russia: around 505,000
  • Syria: around 36,000

What is the data provided about Asian companies in CUF?

The list of companies in Asia and their contacts are real-time. By contacts, we mean their emails, phone numbers, cell phone numbers, website URLs, blog addresses, Instagram accounts, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook pages, YouTube profiles, addresses, and Twitter pages.

One of the main abilities of CUF is to check and verify the gathered data in minutes and with no latency. Any contact prepared by CUF is true and with no error.

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Working with CUF tools is also easy, and any person with minimum knowledge of computers can use it. Just with a few clicks of the mouse, you can download the list of companies in Asia.

Can we get a free list of companies in Asia from CUF?

Yes! The list of companies in Asia with 20 companies’ names and contacts is given by CUF free of charge for every new search.

For instance, if you choose China as the country and one industry for the companies’ category, after searching, 20 companies’ names and their contacts are demonstrated soon for free!

The complete list of companies in that Asian country can be purchased at the best competitive prices.

How to work with the Asia company database of CUF?

You need to enter your dashboard and click on the database on the left side. Then choose an Asian country like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, or any other preferred country and select one industry as the company type.

For example, you can choose China and the banking industry as the company category. After clicking on “Find the Companies, the results are shown in minutes. As mentioned in the previous part, the top results (20 companies) are given free of charge.

However, the complete list of companies should be purchased. These free top companies are prepared for every new search, and there is no limit.

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Does CUF support other continents too?

Yes! Company URL Finder can detect and collect the lists of companies in Asia and other continents like America, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

It means that you can get the businesses’ names of UK companies, Germany or France as well as Canada, USA, and South Africa! All world counties are supported from north to south and east to west.

98% data accuracy leads you to success!

It is not important where you want to use the data you get from CUF.

It may be used for lead generation and customer detection, or it may be used for market research and analysis.

Any of them you like can be done fast and with no error! 98% data accuracy in providing the list of companies in Asia is great and leads you to real customers.

Also, the company extraction and verification process are done rapidly and with no latency. It takes only a few minutes for your list of companies in Asia to be prepared.

For instance, you can choose China as a country and foodstuff as an industry.

20 free results are shown in seconds, and after a minute, the complete list of companies active in that certain country and industry is demonstrated.

The complete list can be purchased at the best competitive prices and rapidly.

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