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Web searching and Googling by humans to find a list of companies in Europe is labor-intensive work. You pay lots of salary to your employees to search on the web and find the list of companies in Europe or other continents which is so time-consuming!

This job can be done in real-time and at very affordable prices by Company URL Finder! Your employees can do many other important tasks.

CUF’s list of companies in Europe is complete and comprehensive and it supports various companies’ categories.

CUF has a great role in Lead generation and lead verification that helps marketers and data analyzers to get correct and real information and data.

Wrong contacts just mislead you from the true way and do not let you be connected with real people and businesses.

It is worth mentioning that the list of companies in Europe is only a small part of the CUF company database. Moreover, it supports other continents too. To know more details about CUF, read the rest of this amazing article.

How many companies are recorded in the CUF company database?

Over 250 million companies’ names and contacts are recorded in the CUF company database that is related to different countries. The numbers of recorded companies in some of the European countries are as follows:

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It is important to mention that all types and sizes of companies are stored in the CUF company database of Europe and other continents.

It means that all registered small startups, as well as large enterprises, are recorded in this database.

Another significant point is that the database of CUF updates daily and with no pause. New companies and businesses are added to this database every day.

What companies’ categories are supported by CUF?

427 companies’ categories are supported by Company URL Finder for instance IT companies, financial agencies, exporters and importers, manufacturing, construction, transportation, agriculture, education, telecommunication, energy, electronics, mining, and so many other industries.

Of course, users can find any company industry they look for in this complete database of companies.

For example, you can search the lists of companies in Europe that are active in the mining industry or the list of companies in Europe that are registered as marketing agencies.

It just depends on you which business industry to choose among these 427 categories.

What other continents are supported in CUF?

The list of companies in Europe is not the whole data of CUF. In addition to that, companies’ information of businesses registered in America, Asia, Africa, and Australia is supported too.

It means that you can download the list of companies in the USA that import fruits, the list of companies in China that export cars, or the list of companies in South Africa that are active in advertising! Any category and any country you wish are covered.

Other amazing services of CUF

Finding the list of companies in Europe and other countries is one of the services of Company URL Finder.

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Also, it can convert companies’ names to companies’ website URLs or companies’ LinkedIn pages. These services are known as company website finder and company LinkedIn page finder.

Another tool of CUF converts companies’ domains or emails to companies’ names that are called respectively company email to company name converter and company domain to company name converter.

All services of CUF are rapid and work with no pause. They provide valid and accurate data immediately and in real-time. This is the easiest way to have access to companies’ domains and LinkedIn profiles in a short time.

What data is provided about European companies in CUF?

Company URL Finder’s ability to find and collect a complete list of companies’ contacts has a great effect on its success.

You can be sure that any contact related to your desired company is found by CUF. For instance, if the email of a company is not found in CUF, it means that the company has not recorded any email on the web! CUF provides the below data about European companies:

  • Companies’ names
  • Companies’ emails
  • Companies’ website or blog addresses
  • Companies’ phone numbers
  • Companies’ Instagram profiles
  • Companies’ address and location
  • Companies’ LinkedIn page URL
  • Companies’ YouTube pages
  • Companies’ Facebook URLs
  • Companies’ Twitter accounts

98% data accuracy!

The list of companies in Europe and other countries in CUF is totally accurate and reliable as they are checked and verified through different strategies.

Web crawling to find companies’ information is completed by data verification. No data is stored in CUF unless it is checked.

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Remember that data extraction and analysis are done very fast in CUF with no pause and no latency. Economic! The offered prices by CUF are very economic compared with what you achieve.

Long lists of data and contacts, as well as companies’ names, are provided in minutes which helps your employees to concentrate on many other more important tasks.

No need to pay lots of money to many employees for lead generation, we do it for you faster and more reliably! Save your time and energy with the help of CUF!

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