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To have access to a list of companies based on country and companies types is not an easy task! How do you find a list of companies that you need for business purposes? Imagine you look for importers of fruit in India, what can you do?

Do you start to search in Google or other search engines to find them one by one? Isn’t it a difficult and time-wasting process? What is the solution?

The best way of accessing the list of companies based in India or any other part of the world is to use the company database of CUF.

This company directory allows you to choose the list of companies based in a certain country and a certain industry.

For instance, you can download the list of companies active in fruit import in India or a list of companies based in China that export chemicals!

Huge list of companies in CUF!

Company URL Finder (CUF) is not only the finder of companies’ websites and LinkedIn profiles.

It also has gathered a huge list of companies based in any country and any location in the world. Isn’t it great? It is important to mention that CUF’s list of companies contains over 250 million enterprises and even small businesses.

It is a comprehensive list of companies available on the CUF website that can be browsed alphabetically, by sector, or by country.

It is worth mentioning that the CUF company database is the most comprehensive and the biggest company database in the world which contains fresh and up-to-date data.

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This company database is updated daily and with no pause to add new businesses and delete any dissolved company.

You can be sure that any company recorded in this company database is real and exists.

How many countries are supported in the CUF company database?

The user can have access to a list of companies located in all continents and countries, from the largest population countries like the USA, China, and India to some small countries like Monaco!

Some of the most famous company databases of CUF are USA company database, UK company database, Germany company database, China company database, India company database, UAE company database, France company database, Israel company database, Qatar company database, Japan company database, Italy company database, South Africa company database, and many other countries.

It is significant to mention that the CUF company database contains all small and large companies registered in a certain country. It is not important in which industry that company is working and what the size of that business is. All are supported with no limitations or exceptions.

How many companies’ categories are covered in the CUF company database?

427 companies’ categories are supported in the CUF company directory. It means that the user can get the list of companies active in 427 industries.

He can select both the country and company category from the lists demonstrated in CUF.

Some of these categories are trading companies, transportation, chemical, food and fruit, computer, internet, advertising, telecommunication, agriculture, building and construction, news media, education, marketing, health, hospitality, pharmaceutical, energy, entertainment, manufacturing, music, mining, web, electronic industry, and many other categories.

Of course, you can find your required industry in these 427 companies’ types, for instance, the list of companies active in the food industry and placed in Asian countries.

How to work with the company database of CUF?

Enter the “Dashboard” and click on “Database” demonstrated on the left side of your “Dashboard”. To find the list of companies, select the country you like and the industry from the lists. After clicking on “Find the Companies”, the result is shown in minutes and the list of companies can be downloaded in an excel file.

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The process is so simple and fast. Only in a few minutes is the result which may include thousands of companies’ names and contacts demonstrated.

Accurate list of companies If you need the correct and real list of companies, try Company URL Finder!

The whole data recorded in the CUF company database is true and valid as it is checked and verified with the help of artificial intelligence.

It is the art of CUF engineers to find new and modern strategies for company checkups to distinguish dissolved companies very fast and omit them from the list of companies.

What companies’ data is given by CUF?

Company URL Finder provides a list of companies’ names as well as their contacts including:

  • Companies’ emails and even the emails of their employees and employers
  • Companies’ phone numbers and cellphone numbers
  • Companies’ address and location
  • Companies’ website or blog URL
  • Companies’ profiles’ URLs in social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter)

This information helps you to find real customers and is the best way of lead generation. Easily you can find your clients and competitors active in any industry and country you wish.

Isn’t it wonderful to have the lists of companies working as transportation services in the USA or a list of companies registered in Germany that export dried fruits!?

Everything can be found in detail. It is worth mentioning that the LinkedIn profile of companies provided by CUF is also very helpful as today most businesses are active on LinkedIn and it is a useful way of connecting with customers and generating leads.

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Providing a list of companies at the highest speed!

Any list of companies you need is provided in the shortest possible time. The time you need to wait for the results is only a few minutes! As soon as you click on “Find the companies”, the results are demonstrated.

Isn’t it so interesting to get the list of companies and businesses active in your desired industry and a certain country in minutes?

Everything is ready to help you find thousands of customers, detect competitors and do market analysis, do not lose this perfect situation!

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