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Malaysia company database of CUF is a perfect tool to find Malaysian companies and businesses. This gadget is used to distinguish any kind and type of business activity and registered in Malaysia.

CUF is the most comprehensive and complete source of Malaysian companies. It isn’t important whether you want to find a governmental company or a private one.

All or supported! Small companies as well as medium-sized and large companies are all covered. If you want to detect small businesses and SMEs, do not worry.

CUF Malaysia company database is able to find and collect them.

How to work with the Malaysia company database of CUF?

After signing up in CUF, enter your dashboard and click on the database on the left side of the dashboard.

Then select Malaysia as the country and any industry you like as the company category. There are 427 companies and Industries recorded in CUF.

Malaysia company database, Download Malaysia company list

The above picture shows that there are 695 companies active as advertising companies in Malaysia that is recorded in CUF. This list can be purchased at around 69 $.

You can reduce the number of companies to pay less money.

Other services of CUF

Malaysia company database of CUF is just one of the great gadgets of CUF. Company URL Finder can also find the lists of companies in other countries and continents too, from USA and China to some small countries like Monaco! Totally over 250 million companies are registered in company database of CUF which is updated daily to add newly registered companies and to remove any dissolved company.

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Moreover, Company URL Finder has a website finder, LinkedIn finder and a converter of companies’ domains or emails to companies’ names.

98% data accuracy!

The gathered data by the Malaysia company database of CUF is verified and checked with 98% data accuracy. This high data correctness and reliable information has a great effect on leading users to real Malaysian customers.

The Malaysia company database of CUF is the best and the newest method of lead generation in Malaysia which stops any data inconsistency and inaccuracy.

The process of lead generation happens very fast and in real-time in Company URL Finder. Just by a few clicks of mouse and in minutes, the companies’ lists are ready to be downloaded.

Malaysia company database, Download Malaysia company list

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