CUFinder has collected the names, contacts, and data of millions of small to large companies registered in the Netherlands in a comprehensive and detailed Netherlands company database. This article explains more about this wonderful database and the best way to make the most of this service.

The Netherlands Company Database is an organized collection of information regarding businesses registered in the Netherlands, offering details like company names, registration numbers, contact information, industry classifications, and financial insights. It's an invaluable tool for market research, B2B networking, and investment analysis, facilitating easy access to a wealth of business intelligence for those interested in engaging with the Dutch market.


Finding the companies registered and active in the Netherlands is a challenging task as over 17.5 million people are living in the Netherlands in 2023, and millions of public and private companies are registered and working there.

Imagine you need the contacts of all businesses active in a specific industry and based in the Netherlands.

What do you do? Do you search in Google to detect and collect their names and contacts manually?

Of course, there are more reliable and valid ways. It takes a long time, maybe several days and weeks, to detect hundreds of companies, while with a tool like CUFinder’s Netherlands company database, it can be done in a few minutes!

CUFinder’s company directory contains all sizes of businesses registered in the Netherlands from the past until now, active in various industries.

Take advantage of the following information to learn more about this excellent business directory.

How Many Companies Are Stored in CUFinder Netherland Company Database?

Over 3.3 million companies and businesses are recorded in the CUFinder Netherlands company database.

These companies are active in various industries of different sizes and types, from small startups to large enterprises. The size of the firm is not important. It is not significant whether it is a public or a private company. CUFinder’s information database has them.

What Types of Companies Are Recorded in CUFinder Netherland Company Database?

It is essential to mention that CUFinder supports all companies active in different categories and industries. Some of these sectors are seen in the below picture.

What Types of Companies Are Recorded in CUFinder Netherland Company Database?

Over 430 industries are covered in the CUFinder lead generation tool. The firms recorded in CUFinder have different sizes, from minor to medium and large.

What Data Is Given in CUFinder Netherlands Company Database?

The CUFinder’s data helps you connect easily with leads and find new customers and clients in real-time. The data can be used for market analysis, industry research, and even checking competitors’ performance.

Some of the data provided by CUFinder includes:

  • Company’s full name
  • Founded date
  • Industry
  • List of products/services
  • Number of employees
  • Employees’ names with their complete data & contacts
  • Address
  • Location on map
  • Domain
  • As many emails as it has
  • Phone numbers
  • Social Media links such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • SEO information such as page rank, etc.
  • Logo

How Does the Netherlands Company Database of CUFinder Work?

The following steps should be done to get the data of companies registered in the Netherlands.

Click Prospect Engine

To use the Netherlands company database of CUFinder, sign in and enter your “Dashboard” and click “Prospect Engine,” which can be seen at the top of your “Dashboard.”

Click Prospect Engine

Click Company Search

To access the company search feature, click “Company Search” on the left side of the dashboard.

Click Company Search


As you can see below, there are five search criteria. You need to select the Netherlands to access its company lists, and you can choose the other filters to narrow down the results, like industry, number of employees, or products/services.

In the first image, just the Netherlands is selected as the location, and in the second image, both location and industry are selected as the search criteria.

As you can see below, there are five search criteria
As you can see below, there are five search criteria

The result

Based on your chosen filters, the list of companies in the Netherlands is shown. You can export or add any of them you like to your list.

Based on your chosen filters, the list of companies in the Netherlands is shown

Company’s Report

If you click any of the demonstrated companies, you will enter a new page filled with a full report of that particular company.

The data of these reports is entirely explained in the next part.

Company's Report

What Do the Netherlands Company Reports Include?

Not only the Netherlands companies’ names but also their complete data and contacts are provided by the Netherlands company information center of CUFinder.

Let’s investigate them one by one!

The data below is given at the top of the page, and there is an “Add To List” box.

  • Company’s complete name
  • Logo
  • Domain
  • Social media links such as LinkedIn, etc.
  • Company’s emails (as many as it has)
  • Company’s phone numbers (as many as it has)
What Do the Netherlands Company Reports Include?

At the bottom, there are four main parts. The first one is “Company Details,” including

  • Industry
  • Employees count
  • Founded date
  • Address
  • Location on the map
What Do the Netherlands Company Reports Include

The second one is the list of products/services.

The second one is the list of products/services.

Then the SEO information is given in the third part, including the number of domains, website pages, page rank position, and page rank value.

Then the SEO information is given in the third part, including the number of domains, website pages, page rank position, and page rank value.

In the last part, the data of the employees is mentioned comprehensively.

In the last part, the data of the employees is mentioned comprehensively.

As you can see above, it shows in which countries the employees of this company work.

The image below is the list of employees.

As you can see above, it shows in which countries the employees of this company work.

After clicking on every employee’s name, their complete data is shown.

After clicking on every employee's name, their complete data is shown.

Lead Generation Is an Easy Task by the CUFinder Netherlands Company Database!

CUFinder Netherlands company database provides leads and companies’ information in real-time and fast.

Compared with Googling and web searching, getting companies’ data from the CUFinder Netherland company database is a straightforward task and the most reliable way of lead generation.

The given data is verified and checked, and there is no need to be concerned about the information’s accuracy.

The Excel or CSV files of the results are ready and can be downloaded fast. Additionally, you can sync CUFinder with your CRM seamlessly. Some of the supported CRMs are HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Outreach, SalesLoft, and Zoho.

We recommend any salesperson seeking the Netherlands’ businesses to use the free trials of CUFinder to see the high qualit

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Related Questions & Answers

Netherlands company register search free

In the Netherlands, the company register is known as the Trade Register and is managed by the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel or KvK). It is a central database that contains information about registered companies in the Netherlands.

To search the Netherlands company register for free, you can visit the official website of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. They offer an online search portal called “Handelsregister” where you can find information about companies registered in the Netherlands. You can search for companies using various criteria such as company name, registration number, location, or industry. The search results will provide you with basic information about the company, including its legal name, registration number, address, and sometimes additional details like the company’s activities and shareholders.

While the basic search and information retrieval from the Netherlands company register are free, there may be certain limitations on the level of detail provided or access to more in-depth information. If you require more specific or detailed information about a company, such as financial reports or ownership details, you may need to pay a fee or seek assistance from commercial services that specialize in company data and reports.

KVK Netherlands

KVK (Kamer van Koophandel) is the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. It is a government organization responsible for maintaining the Netherlands Trade Register, which is a central database of registered businesses in the country.

The KVK provides various services and resources to support businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the Netherlands. This includes registering new businesses, providing information and guidance on legal and administrative matters, offering business advice and support, and facilitating networking opportunities. The KVK also plays a crucial role in promoting economic growth and innovation in the Netherlands by connecting businesses, facilitating trade, and fostering a favorable business environment. They have an online portal where individuals can search and access basic information about registered companies in the Netherlands. Additionally, the KVK offers various paid services and products, such as more detailed company reports and specialized business support programs, to meet the specific needs of businesses in the Netherlands.

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