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The Netherland company database of CUF is a company directory of all types and sizes of businesses registered in the Netherlands from the past till now. To know more about this wonderful company database, do not miss the following information.

Finding the companies registered and active in the Netherlands is not an easy task. Imagine you need the contacts of all businesses active in a certain industry and based in the Netherlands.

What do you do? Do you search in Google to detect and collect their names and contacts? Of course, this is not a reliable and valid way. It takes a long time, maybe several days and weeks to detect hundreds of companies while with a tool like the Netherland company database of CUF, it can be done in a few minutes!

How many companies are stored in the CUF Netherland company database?

There are around 600,000 companies and businesses recorded in the CUF Netherland company database. These companies are active in various industries and are of different sizes and types from small startups to large enterprises.

What types of companies are recorded in the CUF Netherland company database?

It is important to mention that CUF supports all types and kinds of companies active in different categories and industries. Some of these categories are seen in the below picture.

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How many companies are stored in the CUF Netherland company database?

Netherland Company Database

What data is given in the CUF Netherland company database?

From companies’ names to companies’ emails, phone numbers, addresses, website or blog URLs, and their profiles on social media are all prepared by the CUF Netherland company database.

It provides companies’ accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The contacts help you to be connected with leads easily and find new customers and clients in real-time.

The data can be used for market analysis and industry research and even can be applied to analyze the performance of competitors.

How does the Netherland company database of CUF work?

After clicking on “Database” on the left side of your “Dashboard” and choosing Netherland as the country and any industry you like, the result which is an excel file of companies’ lists and their contacts is demonstrated in real-time.

The whole data is accurate, valid, and reliable. It is a trustworthy tool through which the users have access to fresh and correct information about companies with no latency and rapidly.

The below picture shows that 555 Companies are registered as telecommunication businesses in Netherland.

Netherland Company Database

Lead generation is an easy task by CUF Netherland company database!

CUF Netherland company database provides leads and companies’ information in real-time and fast. In comparison with Googling, getting companies’ data from the CUF Netherland company database is a very easy task and the most reliable way of lead generation.

The given data is verified and checked and there is no need to be concerned about information accuracy. The excel file of the results is ready and can be downloaded fast too.

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