The CUF Oman company database can be the best choice if you are looking for Oman companies for business purposes. It is a perfect tool created to help business people, marketers, and data scientists collect the names and contacts of Oman businesses easily and quickly.

The Oman company database of CUF is undoubtedly the most comprehensive source of companies’ data and contacts.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion in Oman maintains a company database known as the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), providing information on registered companies in Oman.

Through this fantastic tool, you can get the information and contacts of companies in real-time and with no latency. It supports all types and sizes of companies and allows the users to select any industry they like.

For instance, you can find Oman companies active in the car industry, airlines, foodstuff, chemicals,s or any other one. CUF Oman company database support 427 companies’ industries.

How many companies are recorded in the Oman company database of CUF?

Around 26,000 companies and businesses registered in the Oman government are recorded in the CUF Oman company database.

This is the most complete database of Oman businesses which is correct, valid, and accurate. However, this number is not fixed and increases every day.

Any kind and type of company that registers in Oman country are added to the CUF Oman company database on a daily basis. Also, the dissolved businesses are removed too.

How to work with the Oman company database of CUF?

To work with the Oman company database of CUF, just sign up in Company URL Finder in one minute and then click on the database on the left side of the CUF dashboard.

You can select Oman as the country and one company category.

For instance, in the below picture, the user has chosen Oman and the industry of security and investigation.

As you see in the picture, 885 companies in Oman are active in the security and investigation industry. CUF Oman company database has the website address and LinkedIn URL of all of them as mentioned.

Oman Company Database, Download Oman Company Database List

You can purchase the data of all 885 companies or you can reduce this number to anyone that you like. For instance, you can buy the data of 100 of them, half of them, or even just 20 of them. It depends on your decision and business purposes.

Does CUF have a free Oman company database?

Yes, Company URL Finder has provided a free Oman company database. It means that for every new search in the Oman company database of CUF, 20 free results are given!

These free results are not limited and are given for all searches. Even if you search 100 times in the Oman database of CUF, all the time 20 free companies are given free of charge.

The names of companies, as well as their LinkedIn profiles, Instagram account, website address, phone numbers, Twitter profiles, YouTube pages, blog URLs, and emails, are provided in real-time by the CUF Oman company database.

98% data accuracy + real-time results!

CUF company database guarantees to provide accurate and verified results in real-time. The high speed of CUF in data provide and verification, as well as 98% data accuracy, has made it a reliable and trustworthy tool seen nowhere in the world.

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Free business Listing sites in Oman

In Oman, there are several free business listing sites where you can list your business to increase its online visibility and reach a wider audience. These sites provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services to potential customers. Here are a few popular free business listing sites in Oman:

  1. Yellow Pages Oman: Yellow Pages Oman is a well-known online directory that allows businesses to create a free listing. It offers various categories and subcategories to help users find businesses easily. You can provide details such as company name, contact information, website, and a brief description of your products or services.
  2. Oman Made: Oman Made is an online directory specifically focused on promoting Omani businesses. It offers free business listings where you can add your company’s information, including location, contact details, website, and social media links. It also allows you to upload photos and videos to showcase your products or services.
  3. Oman Online Business Directory: This directory provides free business listings for companies operating in Oman. You can create a listing by providing basic information about your business, such as company name, contact details, and website. It helps potential customers find your business and connect with you easily.

By listing your business on these platforms, you can improve its online presence, increase visibility among potential customers, and drive more traffic to your website or physical store. It’s important to ensure that your business information is accurate and up to date on these listing sites to maximize their benefits.

Oman Company Search

Oman Company Search is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to gather information about companies registered in Oman. It provides access to a comprehensive database of company profiles, allowing users to search and retrieve details about businesses operating in the country. By using Oman Company Search, you can access important information such as company names, registration numbers, addresses, contact details, and the status of the company.

To conduct a company search, you can visit the official website of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion in Oman. There, you’ll find a dedicated section or online portal for company searches. Simply enter the name or registration number of the company you are interested in, and the search tool will provide you with relevant results. This service is typically available for free or may require a nominal fee for more detailed reports.

Oman Company Search is a valuable tool for various purposes, including conducting due diligence, verifying company information, and gathering market intelligence. Whether you are a potential investor, business partner, or simply interested in knowing more about a company in Oman, utilizing the company search service can provide you with essential insights and help you make informed decisions.

Oval 1 Oman Company Database

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