CUFinder Russia company database is available for any person seeking the contacts and list of Russian companies and prospects. 

The Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) in Russia serves as the official company database, containing information on registered companies and legal entities operating in the country.

Please keep reading to find out how it works. 

How to Find Russian Companies?

For marketing purposes or lead generation, you may need the contacts of companies and their names in Russia. 

It is the worst way if you choose to search the web to find and collect hundreds of Russian companies for business

However, there is always a solution! 

The best method is to apply the Russia company database of CUFinder, through which the user has access to thousands of companies registered in Russia. 

The Russia company database of CUFinder helps you access thousands of Russian companies with a few clicks and immediately. 

How Many Companies Are Recorded in the Russia Company Database Of CUFinder?

Around 3 million companies of all sizes (startups, medium-sized, or large companies) are recorded in the Russia company database of CUFinder. It covers the whole types of companies active in +430 different industries.

You need to enter the Dashboard and select Prospect Engine.

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Then click Company Search to see a list of search criteria.

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You must select Russia as the location. Other filters like industry or number of employees are available, too, for getting more precise data. 

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As you can see in the above image, a list of Russian companies is demonstrated in real time after selecting Russia as the location.

You can click any of them to enter its report or add anyone to your list. 

The complete contacts, details, and employee data of every Russian company are given after clicking the company. 

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Does CUFinder Cover Other Countries?

CUFinder can find any company in any location. The country is not important as all continents are supported. 

You can get companies’ data in a European country like France or the companies’ names and information of Chinese businesses. No difference!

Europe, Asia, America, Australia, and Africa are all supported. The Russian company database of CUFinder is only one small part of this comprehensive global company database. 

Other Services of CUFinder

CUFinder has created a comprehensive website appropriate for both lead generation and bulk data enrichment. 

Say goodbye to the wrong data of leads recorded in your CRM and fill the empty cells with accurate contacts of prospects.

The list of CUFinder’s engines:

  1. Prospect Engine
  2. Enrichment Engine
  3. Email Finder Engine
  4. Phone Finder Engine
  5. HR Engine
  6. Academic Engine 

The Easiest Way for Lead Generation

CUFinder’s ability to detect and collect potential buyers is super ordinary! 

First of all, it is speedy. When you send a request, the response is given in real time. There is no pause and latency. 

Second is the issue of data accuracy. The entire information stored in the CUFinder database is verified and checked. You can be connected with real and valid customers in Russia in minutes and with no concern. Almost 98% of the information in the CUFinder Russia company database is correct and reliable. 

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Related Questions & Answers

OGRN Russia

OGRN (Основной государственный регистрационный номер) is the primary state registration number used in Russia to identify legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. It is a unique identifier assigned to each registered organization or individual in the Russian Federation.

The OGRN serves as an official proof of registration and is used in various legal and administrative processes. It is typically required for activities such as opening a bank account, conducting business transactions, and interacting with government authorities.

To find the OGRN for a specific company or individual entrepreneur in Russia, you can search the publicly available databases provided by government agencies such as the Federal Tax Service or the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. These databases allow you to input the company’s or individual’s details, such as their name or tax identification number, to retrieve the corresponding OGRN along with other relevant information about the entity.

Russian company registration number

The Russian company registration number, also known as INN (Идентификационный номер налогоплательщика), is a unique identifier assigned to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in Russia for tax and legal purposes. It is used to track and identify companies for taxation, reporting, and compliance purposes.

The Russian company registration number consists of a 10-digit numerical code. It is issued by the Federal Tax Service of Russia and is a mandatory requirement for conducting business activities in the country. The registration number helps the government monitor and regulate business activities, ensure tax compliance, and maintain accurate records of companies operating in Russia.

To obtain a Russian company registration number, businesses and individual entrepreneurs must complete the registration process with the appropriate government authorities. This typically involves submitting the necessary documents, such as the application form, proof of identity, and other required information, to the Federal Tax Service. Once the registration is approved, the company or individual will be issued an INN, which serves as their unique identification number for tax purposes.

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