Russia Company Database


The best method is to apply the Russia company database of CUF through which the user has access to thousands of companies registered in Russia.

For marketing purposes or lead generation, you may need the contacts of companies and their names in Russia. It is the worst way if you choose to search the web to find and collect hundreds of Russian companies for business. However, there is always a solution!

The Russian company database of CUF helps you to have access to thousands of Russian companies with a few clicks of the mouse and immediately.

How many companies are recorded in the Russian company database of CUF?

Over 500,000 companies of all sizes (startups, medium-sized or large companies) are recorded in the Russian company database of CUF.

It covers the whole types of companies active in 427 different industries. You can see some of the supporting industries of the CUF Russia company database below:

Russia Company Database

You need to choose Russia as the country in the Database part of your CUF dashboard and select one company category. The below picture shows that the accounting industry was chosen as the company type and Russia as the country. The result includes 2886 companies.

Russia Company Database

Does CUF cover other countries too?

Yes, CUF can find any company in any location. The country is not important as all continents are supported.

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You can get the data of companies in a European country like France or the companies’ names and information of Chinese businesses. No difference! Europe, Asia, America, Australia, and Africa are all supported. The Russian company database of CUF is only one small part of this comprehensive global company database.

Other services of CUF

Company URL Finder has created a company website finder through which the user can upload the names of companies and download their website addresses in minutes.

Also, it has a LinkedIn page finder by which companies’ names are converted to companies’ LinkedIn pages in real-time.

The third service of CUF converts companies’ emails to companies’ names and the last one can find the names of companies based on their website domains.

The easiest way of lead generation

Company URL Finder’s ability to find and detect leads and clients is super ordinary! First of all, it is very fast. As soon as you send a request, the response is given in real-time.

There is no pause and no latency. Second is the issue of data accuracy. The whole information stored in the CUF database is verified and checked.

You can be connected with real and valid customers in minutes and with no concern. Almost 98% of the information recorded in the CUF company database is correct and reliable.

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