Do you want to send your product offer to the LinkedIn users who are not in your connection list and they are not your 1stdegree connection? How do message 3rd connection on LinkedIn? Can you send someone a message on LinkedIn without being connected?

No, you cannot send a message on LinkedIn without being connected unless you have the LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription, which allows you to send messages to anyone on the platform. However, you can send a connection request to someone and include a message along with it, which they can choose to accept or decline. Once they accept your request, you can then send them messages on LinkedIn.

If yes, how to message someone on LinkedIn whom you are not connected with?

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LinkedIn messaging

Smart marketing teams benefit from the LinkedIn messaging capability to offer their products and services to LinkedIn users among whom there are many prospects that can be turned into loyal customers! Also, as a job seeker, you may want to send your resume to a CEO or HR manager.

But LinkedIn messaging limits have made it difficult unless you pay money to surpass it!

The most important one is related to the limitation of sending messages to non-connected people! LinkedIn users can easily send as many messages as they want to their 1st-degree connections but sending messages to the people who are not among your connection list is not that easy.

As a matter of fact, you cannot send messages on LinkedIn without being connected; nonetheless, sending InMail to the people who are not your 1st-degree connection is possible for Premium LinkedIn accounts.

You can purchase Premium LinkedIn accounts that enable you to send InMail to non-connections and get detailed business insights, generate more leads, get hired faster, improve your skills, etc.

Brief summary

Open a free LinkedIn account = send messages only to the 1st-degree connections

Suppose you accept the invitation of a person on LinkedIn, or that person accepts your invitation. In that case, you are connected with each other, and your connection type is 1st degree, allowing both of you to send as many messages as you want to each other with no limitation.

Purchase LinkedIn Premium= send InMail to non-connected users

If you purchase one of the plans of LinkedIn Premium, then you will get the chance to send messages to the persons out of your 1st-degree connection list.

The LinkedIn premium cost 2022

Respecting the LinkedIn rules, sending InMail to non-connected people is not unlimited. The number of InMails that any Premium account type can send per month is different and can be seen in the picture below extracted from the LinkedIn website.

Can You Send Message on LinkedIn without Being Connected?!

Noteworthy to mention that if the person to whom you sent an InMail doesn’t respond to your message, you cannot send him/her a new message. Within three days, a reminder will be sent to that audience to increase the possibility of opening that InMail.

How to send message to connections on LinkedIn?

1. After opening your LinkedIn page, click “My Network” above your page.

Can You Send Message on LinkedIn without Being Connected?!

2. second, from the offered list below of “Manage my network”, select “Connections” which you see in the red box.

Can You Send Message on LinkedIn without Being Connected?!

3. The complete list of your connections will be demonstrated, and you can choose any of these 1st-degree connections, and click “Message” in front of their name.

Can You Send Message on LinkedIn without Being Connected?!

4. As your connection list may be so long, to find the relevant person you want to send a message to, you can search his/her name in the box you see above the page to simply access that person.

Can You Send Message on LinkedIn without Being Connected?!

5. After clicking “Message”, a window is opened in which you can easily write any message you like and send it. The number of messages you can deliver is unlimited as these people are your 1st-degree connections.

Can You Send Message on LinkedIn without Being Connected?!

How to send messages on LinkedIn to non-contacts?

1. Imagine you want to send an offer to the person you see below, who is your 2nd connection so you need to use the InMail feature that became available for you after purchasing a LinkedIn Premium account.

Can You Send Message on LinkedIn without Being Connected?!

2. You need to open her profile and then click the “Message” icon you see below.

Can You Send Message on LinkedIn without Being Connected?!

3. The “New Message” window is opened then. As you see at the end of this window, it is mentioned that your profile is Premium, and because of that, you should send InMail to that particular person who is not among your 1st-degree connections. Based on the mode of your Premium account, various numbers of InMail credits are available per month, which is 15 for this account.

Can You Send Message on LinkedIn without Being Connected?!

Related Questions & Answers

How to Message Someone on LinkedIn without Premium

Messaging someone on LinkedIn without a premium account is still possible. Begin by visiting the person’s profile and clicking on the “Connect” button. In the connection request message, be concise and genuine. Mention a shared interest, a common connection, or how you believe connecting could be mutually beneficial. Keep the message professional and polite, and avoid using generic templates. Once you’ve sent the connection request, be patient and wait for the recipient to accept. Once connected, you can send direct messages and start building a professional relationship.


How do you send a message to someone you’re not connected to on LinkedIn?

To send a message to someone you’re not connected to on LinkedIn:

  1. Visit Their Profile: Go to the profile of the person you want to message. You can search for their name using the LinkedIn search bar.
  2. Click “Message”: On their profile, you’ll see a “Message” button. Click on it.
  3. Compose Your Message: A messaging window will open. Compose your message, keeping it professional and concise. Mention why you’re reaching out and how you can add value or connect professionally.
  4. Send: After crafting your message, click the “Send” button.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn may restrict the number of messages you can send to people you’re not connected with unless you have a premium LinkedIn subscription. It’s also a good practice to personalize your message and mention common interests or connections to increase the chances of your message being well-received.

Can you privately message someone on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can privately message someone on LinkedIn. When you send a message on LinkedIn, it is private and can only be seen by you and the recipient. LinkedIn offers a messaging feature that allows you to have one-on-one conversations with your connections, whether you’re connected to them or not. This is a convenient way to communicate with other professionals, discuss job opportunities, share information, or network without the need for email addresses or phone numbers. Just keep in mind that LinkedIn messaging etiquette suggests keeping your messages professional and respectful.

Why can’t I message on LinkedIn without premium?

LinkedIn offers premium features, including InMail, which allows users to send messages to people they are not connected with, even if they don’t have a first-degree connection. If you can’t message someone without a premium subscription, it’s likely because you don’t have a direct connection with that person, and you’ve reached your monthly limit for free connection requests or messages to people outside your network. LinkedIn restricts this feature to encourage users to connect with others in a meaningful way rather than sending unsolicited messages. To message people outside your network without a premium subscription, you can try to connect with them first, and once they accept your connection request, you can send them messages for free.

What is the difference between connecting and messaging on LinkedIn?

Connecting and messaging on LinkedIn are two distinct actions with different purposes:

  1. Connecting: When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you’re essentially establishing a professional link with them. This means you’ll be part of each other’s LinkedIn networks, and you can see each other’s posts and updates in your feeds. Connections are similar to adding someone as a contact or friend on other social networks. It signifies a willingness to build a professional relationship.
  2. Messaging: Messaging on LinkedIn is the act of sending private messages to your connections. These messages are one-on-one conversations that can be used for networking, discussing job opportunities, sharing information, or communicating professionally. You can send messages to your connections whether you have a free or premium LinkedIn account.

In summary, connecting is about building your professional network, while messaging is the way you communicate and interact within that network.

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