Switzerland Company Database


How do find the companies located in Switzerland? Of course, it is not an easy way to Google and searches other search engines.

So it would be a better solution if you trust the Switzerland company database provided by CUF, comprehensive, valid, and reliable.

Company URL Finder has a commercial database of more than 250 million business records & industry directory which includes Switzerland too! This is a unique tool to help you find new business leads and potential ones.

It is the best source for startups, small and large companies, and both private and governmental businesses.

Where to use the data given by the Switzerland company database?

Find out which e-commerce companies are growing the fastest and who needs you the most. This is the best way for lead generation and customer finding and collecting. You can amylase the performance of your competitors and even do market analysis with the data you get.

How to use the Switzerland company database of CUF?

Enter your “Dashboard” and click on “Database” of CUF on the left side of the “Dashboard”. Choose Switzerland as the country and select the company category you like. Some of these types of companies can be seen in the below picture.

Switzerland Company Database

For instance, you can select Switzerland and Research. As you see below there are 373 companies in Switzerland that are active in the Research industry. 20 of them are shown free of charge and the rest can be purchased at the best prices fast.

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How many companies are recorded in the CUF Switzerland company database of CUF?

There are over 300,000 companies stored in the Switzerland company database of CUF. Various kinds and sizes of companies and businesses are supported.

It is not important in which city of Switzerland the companies are located, all are available in CUF. The Switzerland company database of CUF is comprehensive, valid, and reliable.

Does CUF support other countries too?

YES! Company URL Finder has many other companies’ directories supporting all continents and countries including the USA, China, India, Germany, France, UK, UAE, Qatar, Israel, CIS countries, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and all other countries, even Monaco as the smallest country of Europe!

It is important to say that there are over 250 million companies and businesses saved in the company directory of Company URL Finder.

427 companies’ categories!

It is worth mentioning that almost 427 companies’ categories and types are recorded in the CUF Switzerland company database. You can see the complete list of industries by clicking on ‘Database” in CUF “Dashboard”.

No wrong data!

The information recorded in the CUF Switzerland company database is totally correct and reliable. You can use the data with no concern and be sure of its accuracy.

This is the best and the most trustworthy way to have access to real clients and customers. Lead generation cannot be done easier than this!

99% data accuracy, fast access to the information, and a comprehensive directory have built the most famous Switzerland company database in the world.

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