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Have you ever worked with the UK company database of CUF? If not, this article will give you helpful data about this wonderful service.

You may need the contacts and information of UK companies and businesses for analysis or lead generation.

Then what do you do? It would be embarrassing if you searched on Google for many hours to find their names and contacts.

Not only your time but also your energy is wasted and declined in this way. Instead, there are other easier and more reliable methods of customer generation like the UK company database of CUF.

How many companies are recorded in the CUF UK company database?

Around 5 million companies are recorded in the UK company database of CUF. Any type of company of any size and active in any industry is recorded in the CUF UK company database.

Fresh, updated, and reliable information about companies helps the users to have access to real clients and leads. This is the best strategy for lead generation and customer analysis. Even this data can be used for competitors’ performance analysis.

How does the UK company database of CUF work?

Press “Database” on the left side of your CUF “Dashboard”. Then choose the UK as the country and any industry you like. After clicking on “Find Companies”, the gathered companies are demonstrated.

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These companies and enterprises are active in the category you selected and can be downloaded in seconds and very fast.

UK company database, Download UK company database list

As you see in the above example, there are 485 companies active in the category of “Consumer Services” in the United Kingdom.

The below picture also shows that there are over 5,000 companies in the UK active in the “computer networking” category. The price of purchasing this list of companies also is shown which differs based on the number of the provided companies.

How many categories are covered in the UK company database of CUF?

There are around 430 companies’ categories active in the UK. Any company industry you like can be found in this list like building and construction, foodstuff, consumer services, cosmetics, dairy, book, computer, design, education, entertainment, hospitality, health, beauty, and many other categories.

UK company database, Download UK company database list

Can I have access to companies’ contacts in the UK company database of CUF?

Of course! Through the UK company database of CUF, you can have access not only to companies’ names but also their contacts like emails, phone numbers, their profiles on social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube), website addresses, blog URL, and mobile phone numbers.

Can I trust the data given by the UK company database of CUF?

Company URL Finder checks the accuracy of the contacts and data given by CUF by artificial intelligence and through several checkups and investigations. High speed, data accuracy, and competitive prices all have turned the UK company database of CUF into a famous and valid service in the field of lead generation.

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This is surely the highest way to access companies’ information and data. The minimum of time and energy is used by your employee who is responsible for lead generation. He can do many other more important tasks! Isn’t it better!?

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