All right, this is not the most ideal way of behaving on a social platform and I am totally not suggesting stalking people anonymously on LinkedIn, but still, since many of my friends and colleagues asked me how to view LinkedIn profile without signing in 2023, I felt like, OK, maybe I should find a way for it.

]t was not possible to view a LinkedIn profile without signing in to an account. However, some limited information, such as the person's name, headline, and profile photo, may be visible in Google search results or other online directories. 

We all were in a situation where we wanted to view someone’s LinkedIn profile but didn’t want them to notice that. You know this happens a lot between competitors, marketers, recruiters, etc. yeah, we all needed to stalk someone anonymously once in our life, unfortunate, but true.

View LinkedIn Profile Without Signing In 2022

I must admit that LinkedIn has one of the best-notifying systems I ever encountered during my social platform life. It somehow notifies you about everything, from the new updates of your connections and the engagements people might have with your posts or comments to showing whoever viewed your profile.

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So you cannot view a profile anonymously when you are signed in and you cannot enter LinkedIn without signing in. That is a problem, how to view a LinkedIn profile anonymously? Is that even possible?

View LinkedIn Profile Without Signing In 2022

Yes, it is possible, but apparently, you cannot simply google people’s names and then visit their profile if you are not signed in or if you do not have a LinkedIn account or if they chose to have a private account. So what should we do?

View LinkedIn Profile Without Signing In 2022

Let me tell you first that anyone on LinkedIn is free to control the visibility of their profile.

They can choose to have a public profile, which lets everyone be able to discover it whether they are a LinkedIn member or not, and message them for free. This kind of profile is in fact the best option for attracting clients, recruiters, investors, etc. but unfortunately, they are very rare. If your target user has such a profile, you got too lucky, all you need to do is to sign out of your own account, search for their name + LinkedIn on any search engine, then just simply click on the link and visit their profile, anonymously.

View LinkedIn Profile Without Signing In 2022

Another more complicated way is to search for their name + LinkedIn on any search engine, click on the three vertical dots on top of the Link, copy the URL in the pop-up window, open the and past the URL in the box in the middle of the page and click the ‘Test URL’ button, then click on the button that says view tested page, you see an HTML code, copy it and then open, paste the HTML code in the sample box and wait to see the output. You can do the same with any other HTML viewer like,output as well.

View LinkedIn Profile Without Signing In 2022

But the flaw here is that if the account is private, which in most cases it is, you will be asked to sign in to your account before being able to see the profile. That messes things up, doesn’t it? It means that you cannot see the private profiles anonymously. All you can do in this case is to hope the account owner makes their profile public out of the blue (which is not going to happen in the near future at least) or just give up the plan and sign in to your account and simply view their profile on the platform. Why not? There are many benefits in that, I mean yeah they would know that you’ve viewed their profile, most of the time it can encourage them to view your profile and who knows, maybe they actually decide to work with you! Then you wouldn’t even need to view your LinkedIn profile without signing in 2022. This is just a blast.

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