We guess that you have also seen these numbers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the user accounts of some people on LinkedIn. Especially when you go to your connections section. Now, you may know a little about the first and second types, but you don’t know anything regarding the third-degree connection on LinkedIn, and ask yourself this question: what does 3rd mean on LinkedIn?

What Does 3rd Mean on LinkedIn?

In this article, we’re going to shed light on these numbers, especially the third-degree connection.

The most crucial success factor in a working career is the level of communication and the network of people that build up around themselves whether they want to or not.

It stands to reason that if you intelligently connect with a large number of individuals, you’ll get a significant source of information that can be the basis for many jobs and business opportunities for you.

So, if you want to be successful in your business, you must pay special attention to the issue of business relationships.

Professional communication tool

LinkedIn is one of the most desirable and convenient tools available for creating a reliable professional and business network.

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LinkedIn is an effective and practical tool for expanding business relationships, with a wide range of users (over 830 million users) that involves from the initial communication with employers to the permanent connection with colleagues.

Connections on LinkedIn

Connections on LinkedIn are similar to following on Instagram, but they chase a different mechanism.

In fact, the purpose of LinkedIn is to create different levels of connection easier and faster to contact with others, and develop relevant business relationships.

As your profile visibility and job offers increase as your connections expand, you can grow and bloom your network on LinkedIn, including connections, followers, groups, and more.

To optimize well and successful experiences and connections on LinkedIn, it’s recommended that you pay scant attention to these points:

  • Try to communicate with people you thoroughly know and trust
  • Try to maintain your connections and stay engaged with them after adding connections to your account
  • Try to enable the creator mode in the settings section to develop your network
  • Try to follow individuals whose activities and posts you want to know about

Types of LinkedIn connections

1st, 2nd, and 3rd: When you see these numbers on LinkedIn, you’ll wonder, for example, what does 3rd mean on LinkedIn?

First-degree connection

What Does 3rd Mean on LinkedIn?

People you are in direct contact with. Both of them know each other directly. In other words, they can follow each other.

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You’ll see the 1st sign next to their name or in their profile. You can send messages on LinkedIn for a 1st-degree connection without any limitation.

Second-degree connection

What Does 3rd Mean on LinkedIn?

They aren’t directly on your contact list. Instead, they’re your first-degree friends in the list of connections. In simple terms, they’re friends of your friends.

You see the 2nd sign next to their name or in their profile. To communicate, you must go to the profile of these people and use the Connect button or send a message through an InMail.

Remember that you can’t directly send messages from your LinkedIn page.

If you’d like to learn more about second and first-degree connections, you can see the article What does 2nd-degree connection mean on LinkedIn?

Third-degree connection: what does 3rd mean on LinkedIn?

What Does 3rd Mean on LinkedIn?

Another connection in your LinkedIn network is 3rd-degree connections who are related to your 2nd-degree connections.

You’ll see a 3rd sign next to the name of these people in search results and on their LinkedIn profiles.

If you aren’t confused, as a matter of fact, they’re the connections of your second-degree connections.

Note: Just like 2nd-degree connections, you can’t send messages directly to 3rd-degree connections.

Now how to contact them? There Are two ways, as follows:

1. Use the Connect option

If you see the full name of the LinkedIn member, you can send your request for communication or employment, etc., via the Connect button on LinkedIn.

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Note: But this button may not be in the same place. So to connect, you have to click on the More icon and then select the Connect button.

What Does 3rd Mean on LinkedIn?

2. Use an InMail

But if you don’t see the person’s full name, notice that the above method won’t work, and you must be a premium member to be able to connect with her or him. To contact a member, you need to send a message by dint of an InMail.

What Does 3rd Mean on LinkedIn?

Hot tip: If you aren’t a premium member but you’re in the same LinkedIn group or event, you can send direct messages to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.

3rd+ degree connection

What Does 3rd Mean on LinkedIn?

If you look for the 3rd-degree connections category in the Connections section of your profile, you’ll find another type of third-degree connections on LinkedIn called 3rd+ degree connections. These connections are classified as 3rd degree LinkedIn connections.

They’re people who aren’t related to any of your 2nd-degree connections. It means that more than two people can separate you from these individuals.


Now you know all about the meanings of first-degree, second-degree connections, and third-degree connections, as well as if a new LinkedIn member asks you this question: what does 3rd mean on LinkedIn? Indeed, you’ll give her or him the correct answer.

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