Email- a cheap & fast tool for business communication Simple, cheap, fast, and flexible. Cold email is known by many as the best method of business communication.

Though social networks and messengers have become famous nowadays, still email is a well-known method of connecting business people to each other.

What is cold email? What is cold email marketing

Many business people prefer to send their messages only through email and are not satisfied with connecting people with WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook, or other messengers and apps. We should not forget that email is the most official way of business communication. Some of the reasons behind the fame of email in the business world are:

  • It is so cheap! It is better to say that email is free if we ignore the insignificant cost we pay for internet connection.
  • It is simple to use. Just sign up and make an email for yourself or your company. Then easily you can send and receive files and messages.
  • Email is very quick. As soon as you click on send, the receiver gets your message. It is an instant method of communication with no pause and no latency.
  • Any message that you send and receive by email can be stored and saved easily for reference. If you want to check an old email related to many years ago, easily you can search in your email box and find it.
  • Just by having a pc or smart cellphone and through an internet connection, you can access your email. It is not important where you are located and what the time is!
  • Email is so beneficial for the planet as it is paperless!
  • The email sender can send his message to as many recipients as he likes all at once.
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If you are a business person or a marketer, you may have heard the name COLD EMAIL. In this article, we are going to talk more about this email marketing method and its uses.

What is a cold email?

According to Wikipedia, a cold email is “an unsolicited e-mail that is sent to a receiver without prior contact. It could also be defined as the email equivalent of cold calling. Cold emailing is a subset of email marketing and differs from transactional and warm emailing”.

The initial e-mail that is sent to a receiver to advertise a business, products, or services or for other purposes like polls and surveys is known as cold email. It is a good way for marketers to reach out to prospects and future customers and generate leads. It makes people aware of your products and services.

As most marketers believe that email is the best channel of business communication, sending a cold email can be a good method for advertising your services and products. However obeying some rules for writing a cold email is so important and if you do not know how to write it, it may be even dangerous for your business!

Short cold emails are more efficient than long ones!

It is worth mentioning that you should keep cold emails as short as possible. It is highly recommended to write them as long as 100 words. No more than it! Cold emails with around 50 to 100 words receive more responses according to Boomerang’s research.

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A brief cold email that says your main purposes and the one that has an attractive introduction can influence readers significantly. To know more about writing cold emails and creating perfect cold emails, read the next part.

How to write a cold email?

  • Write an effective subject- short, simple but efficient! Every word you write should be selected precisely. Avoid using negative words and try to mention the purpose of your email in the subject line. If the subject attracts the reader, he will continue reading it and if not he won’t even click on it and directly send it to the trash box!
  • Keep it as short as possible. People usually do not like to read long messages when they do not know the sender.
  • Validate yourself or your company. When you are connecting with a new person who has no information about your business, it is highly recommended to show him that you or your company is credible and valid. They should know that they can trust you.
  • Give the recipients what they want and what they need! Why should people read your cold emails!? They will read it just when your email meets their requirements. Try to show them what you can do for them clearly.
  • Do not forget to write CTA (Call to Action) at the end of your email to make it easy for the reader to be connected with you.
  • Your cold email must be easy to understand. It is not recommended to use difficult words. Your sentences should be short and not complicated. Tell them directly what you provide for them and try not to use vague and ambiguous sentences.
  • Do not trust the cold email templates you see on Google! Make your own!
  • It is better to avoid using first person pronouns like “I” or “we”,” and instead use words like “you”.
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Why do most cold emails fail?!

The people to whom you are writing a cold email have not seen you before. Even he/she doesn’t know your company and your business at all so it is very common if they do not pay attention to it! So what you write in the first sentence and the title of your cold email is so important to attract the audience.

Another main reason which causes the cold emails to fail is that through emails you cannot talk to the client like what you do in a phone conversation or a face-to-face meeting so convincing the client is very difficult.

Cold email versus spam!

Spams use fake names and even do not write contacts as CTA. Spam is sent to several people with no personalization. Spam emails do not lead the readers to the conversation. While cold emails contain contacts and the real name of the writers. Cold emails are not annoying while spams are!
Remember to the time gap between your emails and do not send many of them continuously with no pause. If you do so, your emails will become spam!

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