When hunting for recruits on LinkedIn, employers typically look for a variety of things that will set her or them apart from others. So, highlighting yourself on LinkedIn is a must, and of course, putting your certification on your LinkedIn profile is an excellent starting point to do so. Have you ever thought about adding a credential ID to your certificates? Or, basically, do you know that LinkedIn has such a privilege? There are other frequently asked questions in this field: What is credential ID in LinkedIn certification?

What is a credential ID?

According to LinkedIn, credentials are one of the greatest and best ways to showcase and promote your skills, educational courses, knowledge, and professional accomplishments to employers seeking potential and qualified recruits on LinkedIn.

You may need to know that the feature of adding a certificate to LinkedIn profiles was implemented in 2010, which is relatively more straightforward than you think.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of adding certificates to the LinkedIn profile and how to add them to LinkedIn. So keep reading!

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Why should you add a credential ID to your LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is actually a professional social network that is basically designed to improve different businesses and introduce others to them.

However, the use of LinkedIn isn’t limited to this issue, and LinkedIn users can utilize it to meet and communicate with other people who are active in their career fields. These professional connections can be very worthwhile for you.

This platform can also be used to find jobs or hire employees. Of course, this issue isn’t so strange; Just take a look at the pages of different individuals or companies to figure out this issue. In general, working with this platform is much easier than you think.

To get started, just like on Facebook or any other social media, you need to create your own profile and enter appropriate information concerning yourself.

But you might ask yourself why a LinkedIn profile is so important.

Nowadays, many businesses turn to LinkedIn profiles to recruit their employees. That’s why creating a professional LinkedIn account can significantly impact uncovering a future job and lots of business connections.

After signing up on LinkedIn, you can add your additional information to the user profile page, which usually contains a summary of skills, job experiences, education, etc.

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It’s worth mentioning that your profile always plays the role of an effective online resume.

Given the importance and role of LinkedIn profiles, consequently, you have to add the credentials of licenses and certifications to your LinkedIn profile for the following reasons:

  • Validating your profile
  • Increasing the quality of your profile
  • Having more interviews
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of your resume

Have you ever added a certificate on LinkedIn?

An important question that arises here is how you are going to add credentials to your LinkedIn profile. Does LinkedIn make it easy for you?

How to add a credential ID to the LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn research shows that the profile of certified people is seen more than other users. LinkedIn allows its users to add credential IDs to their LinkedIn profiles. This will increase the credibility of your LinkedIn account.

To add a certificate ID to your profile, you must follow a five-step process based on the following route:

Me -> View Profile -> Add profile section -> Recommended -> Add licenses & certifications

Step 1: Sign in to your LinkedIn account, then go to your profile. To do this, click on the “Me” section in the upper right corner of your LinkedIn page.

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Step 2: Click on “View Profile”.

Step 3: Now you’re on your profile page. Click on the ” Add Profile Section ” drop-down button.

What is Credential ID in LinkedIn Certification?

Step 4: Click on the “Recommended” option and then the option of ” Add licenses & certifications “.

What is Credential ID in LinkedIn Certification?

Step 5: Fill in the fields related to the certificates you passed. At this step, you can add your credential ID.

What is Credential ID in LinkedIn Certification?

It should be noted that in this step, which is the last pace in the process of adding certificates, you require relevant information, including:

  • Certificate or license name
  • Issuing organization
  • Date of issue and expiration
  • Credential ID
  • Credential URL

To wrap up

So now that you know how to add the certificates to LinkedIn, you can surely answer the question, what is credential ID in LinkedIn certification?

The credentials of LinkedIn certifications will help you achieve more success in your career and business relationships. As such, if you haven’t added any certification to your LinkedIn profile yet, don’t hesitate and add its ID to your online resume right now with our guide.

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