I told it multiple times that engagement is the key to success on any social media platform and LinkedIn is one of them. It doesn’t matter how you are trying to engage with different people, whether you are commenting on a post, expanding your connections, messaging people on LinkedIn, etc. these are all forms of engagement. Posting valuable content is one of the most effective strategies to get noticed, but you need to know what to post on LinkedIn to get noticed for that. So keep reading to find the answer.

To get noticed on LinkedIn, consider posting content that is relevant, insightful, and engaging to your target audience. Share your thoughts on industry trends, provide helpful tips or advice, share success stories, or share articles or news relevant to your field. Use eye-catching visuals, such as images or videos, to enhance your content's appeal. Be consistent and active on the platform by posting regularly and engaging with other users' content. 

What to Post on LinkedIn to Get Noticed?

LinkedIn is a huge community and making people notice you in it is so hard, so let’s give up the idea, shall we? Not at all, even impossible says I’m possible.

There are still many ways that different experts mentioned in order to answer the question of what to post on LinkedIn to get noticed. Do you want people to notice you on LinkedIn? You have to publish content, whether on your personal or business account.

People like to know what your opinion is about different things, they just can trust you easier this way.

I mean we always read in every story about one mysterious and quiet person who ends up being the antagonist or the wise advisor. But most of the time they are the bad man of the stories and maybe that is why people do not trust you if you are not that active on LinkedIn. Ok, so some people hesitate on posting content on LinkedIn, why is that?

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Hannah Morgan, a big shot in job advising, believes many people don’t post on LinkedIn for three reasons. They do not know what to post, they worry about their virtual image, or they don’t know how important it is to post on LinkedIn.

What to Post on LinkedIn to Get Noticed?

All of these reasons can be resolved by some strategies, don’t know what to post? Try sharing some related and interesting articles from Twitter.

Are you worried about the virtual image and the way your followers and contacts may think of you for posting some content? Just take a look at Twitter to find some perfect articles to share also.

You can see credible newspapers like NY Times and share the articles they post, primarily if they’ve just published them.

The last reason was that they do not know the importance of posting on LinkedIn. Why should we bother posting? Is there a real benefit to that or is it just like posting on other social media platforms? You know, we see a whole lot of breakfast pictures on Instagram.

First, posting content on LinkedIn certainly increases the engagement rate. When you post anything on your account, it will get to your connections feed, and if they react to it, write a comment or share it, your post will be shown in their connections feeds who are your 2nd degrees.

It can cause a snowball effect ( hopefully) and that is a definite thing that can make people notice you.

It is always said that one picture is worth more than thousands of words, which is correct.

Let me tell you from my own experience as an employer that one post on a jobseeker’s LinkedIn account in which they shared for example one of their graphic designs, is worth much more than when they keep saying that they are a perfect designer in their resume or during their interview.

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So if you are seeking a job or trying to do some marketing for your services and products, it is essential to post on LinkedIn to make people notice you.

What to Post on LinkedIn to Get Noticed?

What to post on LinkedIn to get noticed?

As I mentioned, LinkedIn is such a huge community that it can be pretty hard to make people notice you, but still not impossible. Here are some ideas to begin with.

Videos and photos

Yes, it is easier for most of us to watch a video than to read an article. As the statistics suggest, the engagement rate is much higher in the case of posts with video or photo and they have a much greater chance of going viral.


Any awards, new jobs, certifications, new achievements at work or in life, etc.? Celebrate them. Believe me, people love to congratulate others for any kind of reason, it just makes them happy, and as experience suggests, a lot of people will decide to contact you or at least take a look at your profile or company page based on your achievements.

Personal brand

Posting will help you to make a personal brand and expand it and having this will help you to attract clients, investors, mentors, recruiters, etc. to you for it demonstrates your credibility.

Job opportunities

Have you found a good job opportunity or your company is hiring? Post the job advert on your feed. People are constantly looking for a job and/or wouldn’t mind sharing these kinds of posts with those who are actively searching. It makes people notice you and your brand and probably elevates the engagement rate.

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Other people’s experiences are our free courses, and people love to read them, especially if it is what you experienced while working. It will prove you to be an experienced advisor and you will get noticed on LinkedIn for the good sharing rate of these kinds of posts.


If you have a company page, try to have at least one or two events every season, post about them, and invite people to attend. If there is no company page, just invite them to different events that seem interesting to you (based on their field of work). This can do miracles, believe me.

What to Post on LinkedIn to Get Noticed?

Random content

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to go for some random content. Don’t do this to yourself and your personal brand. Go back to the goals you set for yourself and post the most related things to them. It will help other people to figure out what you exactly want.

Industry news

Sharing a piece of industry news every now and then will let people update their own knowledge and help you to get noticed as a knowledgeable person.


Writing or sharing an interesting article will prove you to be a thought leader, people engage with you and trust you and your personal brand and you will make a successful personal brand.


So, we just told you why posting is important and what to post on LinkedIn to get noticed. Of course, there are some other ways you can use to get noticed, adding documents, posting Kudos, sharing your colleagues’ work, asking questions in the post you are publishing, sharing the names of the books that you find interesting, and tell people why they are good to read, publishing the how-to videos, etc. to make people engage with your post and make a snowball effect out of it.

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